Wonder Woman! Simplicity 1035

This costume was inspired by a trip to McDonald’s earlier this month, whereupon Gigi received a Wonder Woman headband in her Happy Meal. Et, voila! An idea was hatched. I just happened to have some star spangled fabric, and there also just happened to be a Simplicity sale at Joann that weekend so it was a done deal. The stars were aligned for this Halloween costume.

ww1 After the  somber caped cloak for Gigi’s Saint Elizabeth Anne Seton Saints Day costume, I thought it would be fun to sew with some color and this little Wonder Woman looked easy peasy. Not so. This was a complicated project! The pattern I used was Simplicity 1035 and all the fabrics were already in my stash. I had been planning on making matching Fourth of July bathing suits for Gigi and her friend but that never happened, and I feel bad looking at fabric that was bought and then never sewn for whatever reason. I have no idea why I even bought that bright yellow fabric. It was only a buck a yard so whatever. Luckily, I had just enough to finish the project. There wasn’t even enough of the blue fabric to trim the center of the boot covers. So satisfying to use up guilt inducing stash!


ww7This was a really well thought out pattern with lots of cool details, but a bit overambitious for the type of Halloween sewing I usually do. Which is slapdash style. But I went ahead and finished the dress off as I would a regular dress, since I know she will enjoy wearing this dress after Halloween. Spending hours on a costume that will be worn only once is not the best use of my sewing time, but I just can’t say no to my little one sometimes. And they grow up so fast!ww8

Pattern Notes

I sewed a size 4 width with a size 6 length. The shoulders are still a bit wide.

I ignored the directions for the dress as there was a facing for the neck and a tie in back which makes no sense for a knit pattern IMO. I quickly sewed a folded over knit band to the neck instead.

The cape attaches to the bodice with sewn in snaps.

Luckily I had all the supplies in my stash since I never read the envelope in the store. There were lots of notions involved, making this an expensive project for someone who doesn’t have a large stash of notions on hand like I do. I spent no extra money on this project besides the pattern which was two dollars or so. And the Happy Meal.

I used my double sided applique paper and a gold lame scrap to make the WW on the top.

Instead of sewing separate cuffs I made the sleeves shorter and made a yellow cuff.

I had a really hard time sewing those boot covers. They also turned out short. There is a lining with quilting batting padding sewn into them. I’m sure there must be an easier way to make these boot covers but I couldn’t figure out how, so I followed the instructions. They took about two hours, too! They were the hardest part of the costume.ww6I’m going to have to tack that belt down. It’s sliding everywhere.225Here’s to Wonder Girls!ww2





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  1. says

    How cute! Wonder Woman was always my favorite as a child. I can remember pretending to be her. It’s nice to see a little girl dressed up like Wonder Woman.

  2. Vicki says

    I love super girls! I warned my granddaughters this year I would sew only female superheroines. No takers. Last year (or was it the year before?) I had to make three Frozen Elsa’s and one Anna and I was done with the princess thing.
    Hardest costume I ever (half ) made was E.T. put out by McCall’s I think. Took forever. Looked great, but I quit at the mask and hands and made my son wear a bathrobe as the rest of the costume.