White Lace Butterick 6190

Butterick 6190Another version of Butterick 6190 designed by Nancy Ferris Thee from Making History, which I made for the school play, My Fair Lady. I was curious to learn more about Nancy Ferris Thee since I’ve sewn a few of her historic patterns for other plays and really enjoyed them. I found this interesting post about her and how she got into historical pattern design, which was interesting reading.

I bought all the materials for it downtown and managed to keep the cost at under twenty dollars. It was fun digging through the bins at the little shops where I found the lace applique, which wasn’t bad for three dollars. The belt is just a piece of lace trim I sewed velcro tape to. The dress is supposed to be black and white and I still have to make a big hat to go with this, since it’s the Ascot dress. I used the pattern Butterick 6190 again, and like that it has a few options for giving a circa 1917 look without too much work.2There are a few boning pieces added to the bodice to give some stiffness and the top blouses over . I’d love to try making an accurate corset and dress from this period. Really do it right. c23e54a6c6a4d8a74065d3dd5205f6e2But this will work for the school play. It’s going to have to!


This dress from the period is soooo pretty.7I kind of like it this way too, but it hides the draped top. I was speed sewing with this project and did all rolled hems on the serger. But I did sew in the neck facing and lapped zipper by hand to avoid the sloppy stitches of the crummy machine I’ve been using while the good one is in the shop still.6The pattern calls for a back button placket but I sewed a lapped zipper since our actress needs to get in and out of this quickly. This needs a hook and eye still.

Well nothing too exciting and  I’m glad to be done! Next up I’ll be sewing a walking suit . Butterick 6337, also by Nancy Ferris.

Have a nice weekend!

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