Wedding Dresses : Vintage Designer Showcase

So this is my last post for a while on the subject of wedding dresses. I just got so obsessed with everything having to do with them that I have to share some of my discoveries. I bought my own wedding dress at a sample sale off the rack. I was only 23 and was really strapped for cash. I had no idea what type of dress I wanted as I had never really envisioned myself married and sort of just  jumped into the whole thing. Richard and I were only together six months when we got engaged and we were married within a year! 
So if I could do my dress thing over again what would I do now? I don’t know if I would have the energy to make my own dress with all the other things that would be on my mind with an upcoming wedding but if I had a few thousand dollars to spend on a dress I might buy something vintage. If you have never heard of The Frock then I must tell you that they are the absolute best when it comes to vintage bridal gowns. Here are a few of my favorites:

I think the one above is my favorite.

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  1. Danièle says

    You are giving me an idea for a blog… I got married in my mother’s wedding dress, and if I can dig out some pix of her wedding, and mine and transfer them, I’ll do it 🙂 The pink dress is just amazing.

  2. A.J.A. says

    I agree that the Christian Dior gown is amazing. Still, I think the gown you sewed is prettier than any of these! I have been meaning to write a post about my wedding dress, which was sewed for me by an 80+ year old friend who was a dress designer/boutique owner through the 50s and 60s. He drew and painted sketches for me to choose from based on some photos I showed him. The whole process is what got me interested in sewing to begin with, and needless to say, I loved wearing that gown. Two of my sisters are engaged now, so there is some formal sewing in my future!

  3. Justine/Sewcountrychick says

    AJA Thanks for the kind words! We should do some sort of wedding dress show and tell post.Maybe I will post photos of readers dresses!But you should definitely do a post about it and I will link my blog to it. That’s a nice story.