Wearing What You Sew

Since I started sewing my own wardrobe three years ago, I have made a lot of things.
But to be honest, a lot it is on the unpractical side.
While I have spent hours making them and learned a lot from each piece, I don’t actually wear them very often.
But they are fun to blog about!
Here are a few examples of things I have made myself that have rarely made it out of my closet..
I like them all, but for some reason I just don’t end up really wearing them.

This Burda Magazine pattern is cute but for some reason, I just haven’t worn it yet.

The waist was too high on this Burdastyle Book top. I tried to fix it and ruined it.

This 1947 playsuit pattern was cute but I made it from some scratchy vintage fabric!

This Colette Hazel was too high waisted. I am about to lower the straps soon so I can get some wear out of it.

This 1947 housedress pattern made me feel like a nurse.

I made this for myself but Isabelle is modelling this sixties style dress worn exactly zero times by both of us. But I love it.

 This sailor dress makes my chest look huge!!. I need more confidence to wear this.
And some serious Spanx.

I love this vintage bikini but I made it from stiff cotton and it’s very uncomfortable at the beach!
Sand inside tight, stiff cotton….not good.

Love this purple bias dress but have never had an event to wear it to.

Now I have to admit, I still love sewing with vintage patterns and my mountain of fabric isn’t going anywhere so I doubt I’ll stop, but this is the type of outfit I actually wear on a daily basis….

Striped top designed and sewn by me.

Blue/ green jeans from J Crew outlet.
Shoes from the thrift shop.
Striped bag from France.

How about you?
Do you actually wear what you make or does a lot of it sit in your closet too?

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  1. says

    This post made me feel better about myself! I spend hours on projects, and then rarely wear them out! There is just something comforting in the jeans and t shirt look that I can’t get away from!

  2. says

    I wear most the stuff that isn’t costume related,and some that is, but not to fancy.The stuff that doen’t fit well or has yucky feeling fabric doesn’t make it as far as the closet.

  3. Victoria says

    I agree with Jessica. I make clothes and actually love them but they are not as comfortable as jeans and t-shirts. And, with some of the cotton fabrics need ironing before wear, sometimes more maintenance than I want to give time to, especially when I can just throw on some of my favorites and get started with my day.

    • Justine of SewCountryChick says

      I know I need to make more knit fabric projects too.

  4. Shirley Ann says

    There has been a lot that I have made that will only be worn once. Lately though, I am feeling better about what I’m making. I have decided to ask myself before making something if it is practical and if I’ll really wear it. I ask myself, “is it me?” As much as I want to dress up, I’m a SAHM, so I’m pretty much a jeans girl, so I’m going with more of that lately. Which by the way, today I tried on the jeans I was making myself, before I added the waistband, and they don’t fit!! Did I really lay them out with the stretch going lengthwise? Why, yes I did! I really wanted to wear them this weekend. big sigh… Nothing to blog about this weekend! LOL

    • Justine of SewCountryChick says

      Like shopping, asking myself if something is “really me” is great advice! I often am in just such a hurry to make something that I don’t really think it out….

    • Shirley Ann says

      Yep, like I should have asked myself if these boots are really me before I bought them the other day! lol I’m not an impulsive shopper, but on occasion when I do, I am not happy with myself.

  5. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who sews things just to put them in the closet. Just recently I found a simple pattern for a T-shirt that I have found myself wearing more and more, I actually made 3 tops from the same pattern, but I think I’ll get a lot of use out of them. I am still intimidated when it come to sewing every day jeans. I have a pattern and fabric ready, just trying to overcome this intimidation.

  6. says

    I make pants for myself, because if I didn’t, I’d go naked. I have lymphedema in both legs. That means that my legs are always swollen and I have to be able to accommodate about two inches of compression bandaging. Which means that when added to the fact that I’m a heavyset tall woman, makes RTW impossible, so I make my own. After I finish sewing up the girls’ clothing and Christmas projects, I’ll be moving on to new clothes for me, because I’ve bought lots of knits on sale that are calling my name for new shirts!

  7. Emily says

    I like your “nurse” dress and sailor dress! Most of my sewing is fairly practical (ie I wear what I make fairly often and don’t have any dry clean only fabrics) for summer (I live in dresses and skirts!) but I’ve found the only shirts that fit me in a flattering way are pretty ugly. After I sew my daughter some winter clothes I’m making some shirts that are actually flattering for myself (assuming I can manage that).

  8. Elizabeth says

    I wear most of what I make. I love wearing skirts and since I make a lot of skirts I wear them. Some things do stay in my closet; it’s not that they aren’t practical, I just have to find ways to style them better. I really like your “nurse” dress! It looks like something I would wear!

    • Justine of SewCountryChick says

      I like my nurse dress too but I think I may dye it to tone down the nursiness!

  9. says

    Most of my early sewing was either elaborate costumes or pj pants and long skirts – the first category would be worn for halloween and the second was worn unto death in the college years. Now I’m sewing mostly for the kids – so it has to be wearable. And I am modifying things for me because nothing really fits my post three baby body yet. The patterns I am drawn to for me are usually gorgeous dresses or jackets that I would need to move to NY and make weekly trips to the Opera in order to wear ;op I still end up with things that don’t turn out as I expected and sadly go unworn.

  10. charlotte says

    ah this has been a long standing issue for me! I stopped taking part in Sew weekly because I wasn’t making wearable garments. I have now worked hard to wear what I make but often find myself being really fussy or it’s not quiet right somehow. That and a change in lifestyle (full time job!) I find little time to sew. I still love it but in reality…………..

  11. Marie says

    Gosh, it surprising that you don’t wear the items you’ve listed…they are so gorgeous! But at the end of the day, you have to wear what you’re comfortable in I guess. I have a lot of me-mades that I don’t wear regularly, but mainly because I didn’t nail the fit for some reason or another. I’m really trying to work on fitting things better as a result!

    • Justine of SewCountryChick says

      I think becaus eit’s always hot here I end up wearing my more casual stuff.

  12. Claire Cooper says

    I love making things that are slightly unusual, but I try to balance that with things i’ll actually wear. I’m learning that most of my stuff is summer wear and I need to make some winter pieces too and if i’m honest, things I can wear to work.

  13. says

    Yeah, I share the same problem. I tell myself that I sew to relax and the outcome can be whatever. I have tons of dresses that were made, fit pretty well and sit unworn in my closet. I wear a lot of greys, browns, blacks and navies but I choose wild prints when I sew. Maybe I am trying to tell myself something!

  14. Kelley Highway says

    Oh, I’m not at my laptop to respond at length like I want…

    Ditto about sewing more knits.

    I always get my muslins too big, which consequently RUINS the fashion fabric outfit. (Visualize tears and a meltdown… or perhaps there’s no need to imagine it because you’ve been there-done that). I have this fear that the real dress will be too tight. What is UP with that?!

    And your velvet stunner? Couldn’t you invite yourself to something so you can answer a million compliments with, “I made it myself”? That is beautiful on you, lovely girl!

  15. says

    I recenlty joined your blog! and I liked all that you have sewn:)I still call myself a beginner. There are quite a few clothes that I have made. And I wear all of them The only outfit which I did not like much was the Damask tunic I made. And my recent favourite project are some cool shorts which I love wearing always.

  16. says

    I love that denim jacket…too cute. I really want to work at being more consistent with the fit of my garments. I have a couple of pieces that I absolutely love. But then there’s the couple of pieces I’ve made and realized I have nothing to wear them with. Thus, making my “things to make” list a little longer.

  17. Vanessa@Designs By Sessa says

    1)Fix those Colette straps, because that dress is amazing and looks super on your. 2)This is hilarious and so true. I’m going to try to start making myself more separates, because truth be told that’s what I wear. 3)I ask myself what was I thinking after many posts. I think the creating is the fun part, but I do not like “wasting” time so I definitely want to be more intentional 4)The housewife dress needs a big funky belt, to be shorter and you could rock it. You are awesome! Like I wish I lived near you so you could be my sewing mama… is that weird?