Upcycled Christmas Dress From Nightshirt : Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom’s Holiday Sewing Tour

UpcycledChristmasDressToday I’m taking part in the lovely Jamie from Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom’s Holiday Sewing Blog Tour. There are lots of great inspirational Christmas sewing projects over there so be sure to check them out! I love Jamie’s blog. Such a clever and talented lady she is , always coming up with great sewing tutorials on a weekly basis and beautifully photographed too.. If you don’t follow her, you should!blog-tour-button-300x250before&afterNightshirtI have to admit that I went to JoAnn’s Black Friday sale last week at 6AM. Well, I did have a good excuse to be out so early. I had to drop my son off at his friend’s so he could go on a rock climbing trip. There just happened to be a JoAnn nearby, so of course I went! I was planning on making a cozy flannel dress for Gigi and I knew there was a Door Busters sale selling flannels at a dollar seventy five a yard. You have never seen so many crazed looking women in Mumu’s stalking  the aisles for pajama fabric. Some were even in wheel chairs and walkers, surrounded by piles of fabrics. Gotta love it!

I emerged in a daze from JoAnn’s three hours later, with piles of my own fabric, bought at rock bottom rates, went to a coffee shop, sat at the counter and had a huge breakfast of corned beef hash & eggs. I had a lovely chat with a woman who collects dresses for disadvantaged little girls First communions at the local church and gave her my card in case she needed some help. You never know who you will meet at at a coffee shop counter!  BUT, I still hadn’t found the much coveted plaid flannel fabric. Who would have thought finding simple plaid flannel was so hard? They had foxes, mustaches, more foxes, and well, no plaid in site!

The next day I went to the thrift shop and found an old ladies nightshirt, I knew it would be perfect for her dress!FlannelChristmasUpcycledDress However, cutting down the shirt was a bit more work than I bargained for. I didn’t use a pattern or draft one. instead ,I draped it onto my size 5 dress form which is just a little bigger than Gigi is now which is much easier than making a pattern. I had to first make the neckline smaller so I brought up the shoulder seams to remove about 4 inches from the neckline. Then I draped the bodice onto my dress form and created a much smaller bodice. But I had to get rid of the gathered part on the back yoke, since I was going to add a gathered skirt at the waist instead.

I drafted a new sleeve from scratch, then traced it, slashed and spread it to create a puffy sleeve, and shortened it to create a 3/4 sleeve. I thought I would use the original collar cut down, but it turned out to be a straight shirt collar, even though it resembled a Peter Pan collar. So I had to draft an all new Peter Pan collar. makingcollarI was hoping to use the velvet on the collar but ended up making two arm cuffs for the sleeves instead with it. It had been awhile since I had made an upcycled project and I almost forgot how much I enjoy just diving into a project like this , just going along until I arrive at something cute. I added a little rick rack to the collar.

ChristmasDressThe original nightshirt had tucks which I love , and I added two more buttons from the bottom of the shirt I had cut off.

I sewed French seams and welt seams on the inside so I wouldn’t have any raw edges and the dress would last a long time.ChristmasRibbonBuntingI also made this little bunting from some Christmas ribbon. It was so easy to make and I think I may make a longer version to put on the Christmas Tree. FlannelDressDoes she see Santa’s sleigh?flanneldress2




Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

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  1. says

    I can’t say that I love most upcycles, but this one is adorable! It’s the perfect Christmas plaid and I love the pintucks that were already in it.

    • Justine says

      Thanks Chelise. i was so excited it had pintucks. I was planning on sewing my own and this saved some work

  2. says

    The dress is so cute, Justine. I love to upcycle, even though, sometimes it’s more work that just cutting the fabric. 🙂 You are brave to go to Joann’s on Black Friday, very brave. 🙂

    • Justine says

      Yes, JoAnn on black Friday is a \n experience in American consumerism.

  3. says

    Your Mini-me is so sweet! I love Gigi’s little dress. I admire the ability to refashion so effortlessly. There are huge movements in the sewing world that are geared completely to upcycles, especially in Europe. I can’t believe you couldn’t find any flannel! I didn’t get out in in. People get mean this time of year and I generally avoid shopping lol!

    • Justine says

      Thanks Amy. It’s always an interesting experience, refashioning. I haven’t domne one for awhile.

  4. Linda Lee says

    WOW sounds like a lot of work but such a SWEET BEAUTIFUL DRESS FOR CUTE GIGI !!!!!!!!!!!! Well done Mom !!!!! Love it !!!!!!!!!!! Linda Lee

  5. says

    Hahaha!! You describe Jo Ann sale days to a tee! In my neck of the woods, it’s old ladies driving in from all the small towns within a 3 hour radius to stock up on a year’s worth of fabric. Their husbands dutifully wait out in the parking lot, sitting in their pickup trucks. Your dress is soooo pretty! I would never have thought it had been a nightshirt! I’ve got a post on Craft Gossip that links to your refashion: http://sewing.craftgossip.com/idea-file-nightshirt-refashioned-to-a-little-girls-christmas-dress/2013/12/08/
    Oh, and your daughter looks JUST like you!! (Bet you’ve never heard THAT before..)

    • Justine says

      Oh that’s so funny Anne!I forgot to mention the poor husbands waiting patiently. My husband would never get within a 500 yard radius if JoAnns. Those husbands are saints!

  6. says

    It’s great refashions like this one that keep me from getting rid of ANY old clothing. I should probably start putting my closet to work…. Fabulous dress!

  7. cindy coven says

    So cute. I’ve never done a dress like that. I did do a pair of pants from an old pair from my husband for my grandson. I am going to try this. It keeps things out of the landfill. Merry Christmas cindy

  8. says

    This is too cute Justine! And I love that she is your little Mini Me, so adorable! I’d love to learn how to drape like you!

  9. says

    A fabulous refashion, Justine!!! I love that you’ve kept some elements of the original nightshirt, such as the pintucks. The ric rac is perfect for the Peter Pan collar.

  10. says

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