Thrift shop booty

I had to post some of my thrift shop finds.  I love these vintage wool shirt jackets. You have to put your hair up in a kerchief and wear some boyfriend jeans with them if you don’t want them to look sort of frumpy however. Above is one I found for three dollars at the Goodwill shop. It had a few moth holes and tears so I darned them up.

Here is another shirt jacket I found by Pendleton. What a coincidence to find these two at the same thrift shop! They must have had the same owner. This one was in perfect shape. They fit perfectly. It was also 3$. I found one just like it at the Pendleton website for 150$ Don’t you just love that !

Here is a really old wool jacket I found at the Ventura Flea Market for also three dollars. That’s three for three. I think it’s from the late thirties or forties. It was made in Mexico. It has some stains so I am going to soak it in Oxi-clean. How did we ever exist before Oxi-Clean?

The labels from the jackets.

Check out these cool 80’s pumps I scored for a dollar ! Bronze , silver, and gold. They match everything!

Here are some other bronze heels.  The label says Adriana Caras, Made in Italy but I can’t tell how old they are. I thought they were from the 70’s but now I’m thinking they might be recent. They are so well made they seem old because most shoes these days aren’t this well made.

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  1. Rita Stafford says

    Take me with you next time :))) And while we’re at it, why not start a group “Shopping Cruise” business and be our guide– with ground rules like, ‘no fighting over the merchandise…” and so on.

  2. Sew Country Chick says

    Hi Rita,
    I’d feel embarassed if I took a bunch of people shopping and we didn’t find anything! Want to come with me to Ventura Flea Market the first Sunday of December?