The Ojai Wrap: A work in progress…


The Ojai Wrap.

I’ve been busy! Making costumes for The Seagull, and hunting down some to borrow from neighboring theaters. Writing for a few other websites, dealing with all my everyday mom stuff, house hunting with my husband AND trying to perfect the fit of my shawl collar wrap which will be debuting as the Ojai wrap, my first PDF pattern,  on April 1st. Phew! I haven’t even been able to get the gym …. Hey, at my age, a week of workouts missed, is like a month when you’re in your twenties!

The Ojai Wrap.I was lucky enough to have my lovely daughter available today to try on the Ojai wrap and pose for a few photos. We met my dad and my stepmom for coffee and some sweets at our favorite cafe. Good thing my dad brought his camera because when I got mine out, I realized the batteries were dead…. how convenient. Of course I was happy to have Dad take the photos!I’ve slimmed the fit down from my original style below, which I felt was too boxy.. But, I WILL be changing those sleeves which just don’t look right…. they are too wide! lol


My slightly boxier fit.

ojaiwrap2I added a tab sleeve as an option. This wrap is sooo easy to make, especially with a serger. I plan on making a few more to throw on when running around and to wear over my workout clothes when I’m running errands. My mom wants one, too. I’m sizing it from XS 0/2 to XL which will be about a 14 /16.

The Ojai Wrap.I’ll be slowing down on my posting the next couple of weeks. I have a lot of work to do on The Seagull, have a When We Were Young post to write, a fun series where we make an outfit for our kids based on something we wore ourselves as children, hosted by my blog friend Suz from Sew Pony, a tutorial for The Sewing Rabitt, and I’ll be going to Seattle next week for my cousin’s wedding. See you soon!

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  1. Lauren says

    Cute! I think the sleeves do look a little funky here, maybe a bit wide, but I think the width might be okay if you lengthen the sleeves a bit. It will make them fall better on the arm. I actually like the first one better, the length seems a bit better but it might just be the angle. I like it though! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Barbara says

    Justine, I can hardly wait for this pattern to be released because I really loved it when you showed that Southwest looking one. Will this be able to be sewn with a cotton or is it for knits. Whenever they say they are for knits only it always sets off something in me, I am a bit of a rebel, and I will try the pattern in a cotton. Usually they don’t look right but, I have to try anyway. Good luck on your release and if you need any testers keep me in mind..

  3. Merche says

    I really admire your stamina, Justine! You get so many things done at the same time! I just finished a shawl collar cardigan following your tutorial. I´ll send you a photo of it, as I don´t know my way around the facebook thing. I´ll have to work on that too!

  4. says

    Oh how funny Justine! I was just looking up ideas for what fabric to use for my Ojai Wrap, and have the same animal print from Fabric Weekend – maybe I’ll have to make a matching version!