The Little Dress. A Documentary by Vicki Vasilopoulos, director of Men Of The Cloth

Many of you may have heard of Little Dresses For Africa , a Christian organization founded by Rachel O’ Neill, which brings handmade dresses and hope to needy little girls in Africa.

The little dress: A journey of hope is an independent film by Vicki Vasilopoulos, director of Men Of The Cloth, featuring 100 year old Lilian Weber, a volunteer for The Little Dresses For Africa program, who herself has sewn over 1,200 dresses for needy little girls in Africa.littledress

Vicki started filming the documentary in 2014, and it will culminate in an outreach trip to Malawi this year with Lilian, who will be delivering her 1,000th dress to Africa. They will tell the story of the little girl who will be a recipient of this lovingly handmade gift.

From Vicki Vasilopoulos: “THE LITTLE DRESS: A Journey of Hope is a culmination of my lifelong passions: my interest in the welfare of girls in the Developing World, and my fascination with the ancient craft of sewing. I was utterly captivated by Lillian Weber’s remarkable goal to sew 1,000 dresses for needy girls in Africa before she turned 100 years old. Her story resonated deeply with me and I saw that individuals from all walks of life were inspired by Lillian’s mission – and her story brought added attention to the nonprofit Christian organization Little Dresses for Africa, founded by Rachel O’Neill to honor little girls and make them feel worthy.

Within a week of reading about Lillian, we started filming THE LITTLE DRESS in the summer of 2014.”

Lilian weber, founder of Little Dresses For Africa and Vicki Vasilopoulis , the director of The Little Dress

Lilian Weber, of Little Dresses For Africa and Vicki Vasilopoulos, director of The Little Dress

This is where your help is needed. In order to move the projects forward, a crowd funding campaign for THE LITTLE DRESS  has been launched on Indiegogo  Link here . Up until now the film has been self funded by Vicki herself.

Vicki’s’ first film , Men Of The Cloth, is an acclaimed portrait of three Italian Master Tailors and was also funded by crowd sourcing. It went on to have  worldwide critical acclaim.

Here’s how individuals can spread the word about the campaign for THE LITTLE DRESS:
• Share a link to the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
• Send a personal email to friends and co-workers
• Write a blog post with a link to the campaign and embed the Indiegogo video



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  1. Justine says

    This is so great, Justine!! 🙂 I really enjoyed these videos and am so proud of Lillian Webber. Interesting story of the fading tailoring trade too.