The Everyday Skirt in Anna Maria Horner Loominous Fabric

When I saw this pink Anna Maria Horner Loominous fabric on The Confident Stitch Site I knew I had to make something with it ASAP! I love the embroidery running through the fabric and it reminded me of those pullover hooded tops I used to get down in Tijuana back in the day.Everyday Skirt in Anna Maria Horner Loominous fabric
Today my guest models on the blog are my goats Indie and Edgar! I know… they are just so cute, right? You gotta love goats.Everyday Skirt in Anna Maria Horner Loominous fabric

I needed a simple pattern to let the fabric shine and the Everyday Skirt pattern by Liesl & Co was perfect. The fabric has embroidered bands running though it. It looked like it might be a bit thick from the photos, but it’s actually quite light but not as light as a voile and it isn’t see through. closeupIt’a midweight cotton. But not quite as thick as quilting cotton. It would also make a great blouse or button down shirt. It has a lovely homespun feel to it.Everyday Skirt in Anna Maria Horner Loominous fabric I need some basic skirts for spring and summer as it’s getting too hot to wear jeans. This will get lots of wear.Everyday Skirt in Anna Maria Horner Loominous fabric

I can tell you that this is a great little pattern and also fun to sew up! It’s a quick sew as well. I made this in about two hours. I love the pockets. And there is no bulk from them at the hips since they aren’t on the side seam but a bit more in front, because of those inset panels. It’s a simple skirt, but very well designed. It’s those little details that make a difference.Everyday Skirt in Anna Maria Horner Loominous fabric I cut a size extra small because although my measurements put my at a size small, I wanted to wear this skirt at my natural waist, not my low waist.
Everyday Skirt in Anna Maria Horner Loominous fabric

I did have to pay careful attention to the directions as I learned an entirely new and clever way to sew a waistband from this pattern. I’ve been sewing for a long time so it’s fun to try something different. Keeps you on your toes and open to new techniques! The waistband is sewn first to the wrong side, then flipped over and edgestitched from the front. The opposite of most waistband insertion techniques. It works well, but you do have to edgestitch the waistband from the right side. I prefer the look of stitching in the ditch. But the downside of stitching in the ditch from the right side is that you often miss parts of the band on the inside and have to stitch them by hand.

Well, that’s it for today! A quick to sew and useful little Everyday skirt sewn in gorgeous fabric you can find here.Everyday Skirt in Anna Maria Horner Loominous fabric

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  1. Sandy Osborne says

    LOVE this skirt–the fabric is beautiful. And Indie and Edgar are hilarious πŸ™‚

  2. says

    I like this skirt! What a great picture, a look of surprise! πŸ™‚ I like how the pockets are more towards the front and not in the side seam.

    • says

      Yes Liesl is a very good pattern designer. I appreciate the thought that goes into her patterns. I wish I could pay attention to details like that on my own patterns but I just don’t have that type of brain!

  3. Justine says

    I like this! What a fun and cute skirt! It looks so comfortable to wear around the yard and more. Guess what, Justine! I’m almost finished with one of my first skirts too! I’m so thrilled! I love looking at your creations like this skirt to see what I can become if I can continue practicing my apparel making. πŸ™‚

    • says

      Ooh thats sounds great Justine. You should email me a photo when your are done! I can’t wait to see it! You should try this pattern. It’s perfect for beginners and the instructions are so good.

  4. says

    love this pattern, and love this skirt on you! I use the method of the waistband construction from this pattern on so many other patterns! I have made two, one according to the patter chart and lived in it, and then a size smaller to wear on my natural waist, and I love that one so much more!