The Clutter Monster

Yikes !! That baby is about to have an avalanche of stuff fall on her! Do you have a dumping ground like this at your house? This is mine. Actually I have another one upstairs in my back room but I choose not to photograph that one. This is supposed to be a pantry. Some of the things I got rid that didn’t belong here were an unused breast milk pump, a Pac- Man lunchbox from 1982 I was saving for my kids which they never used, lamp shades, medicines, old vitamins, placemats, a deflated exercise ball, a broken iron, and a 20+ set of cooking books from the Grand Diplome Cooking Course that my mom bought me when I was a teenager and I can’t bear to unload.

This is how much better it looked after only  half an hour.
My Grandmother once said..” If you are feeling depressed, clean out a closet.”

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