Tennis team outfit Kwik Sew 4113 skirt and Jalie

Finding tennis wear that flatters you in middle age is no small feat. And wearing it out in public is also an act of bravery. I would never in a million years wear a skirt this short to go around town in but somehow I never have enough time to stop and change when I need to do errands after tennis and end up wearing it all day. I thought this outfit was going to be a perfect thing I could wear both on and off the court. But it’s a little too tight and I feel really self conscious in it. So no, but I will wear it on the court. I’ll just have to make something to wear over it, right?Jalie 2215 and Kwik Sew 4113

I’ve been on a Paleo eating plan for a week and was hoping to drop some of the ten pounds I gained back this winter but so far, the scale hasn’t bulged. This outfit was made with the hopes I would have shed it by now, so it’s tight. I cut it out last month. As a matter of fact, I’ve had something called carbo flu all week and had to cancel my tennis match today. What is carbo flu? Apparently when you give up the majority of carbs and sugar and switch your body to a veggie and meat only diet, the body goes through a sort of sugar withdrawal which feels like the flu. Awesome, right? Not! But I’ve committed to this for Lent so hopefully it will pass. I could really use a piece of chocolate right now.Jalie 2215 and Kwik Sew 4113

I made the mistake of sewing the skirt for the body I wished I had instead of the body I have. I need to make the skirt a size bigger. I had already cut this pattern last spring in black in XS when I was at my ideal weight, so I tried to make the skirt bigger by making the seam allowances smaller. The pattern for the skirt is KWIK Sew 4113. I did add my waist elastic at the top of the waistband instead of lower where the pattern says to. That didn’t really make sense to me. I wish this skirt had more of a flare to it and was a little longer. I think I’ll try the Jalie pattern that goes with the top I made today, next time.Jalie 2215 and Kwik Sew 4113

However I really like the top! It’s an older Jalie pattern that’s only available as a PDF.  Jalie 2215. I like the slight retro vibe of it. I did make this pattern before but it was also too tight, so this time I sized up to a U and it fits great. I’m seeing a pattern here. Maybe I need to be more realistic. This fabric is so soft! It was gifted to me from a friend’s mom who used to work in fabric design at Patagonia. Their HQ are nearby in Ventura.Jalie 2215 and Kwik Sew 4113

I really enjoy putting Jalie patterns together. I’m a visual person and the illustrations by themselves are perfect for me. I had a lot of trouble using woolly nylon in my serger loopers, but once I realized I had been threading it incorrectly it went together quickly. The woolly nylon makes the seams so much softer than normal thread. I wish I had found out about it sooner!

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  1. says

    This is super cute! I feel your pain though. I have come to the conclusion I have to make the size I am instead of what I want to be….or think I will be in in X number of days LOL. I’m 49 (turning 50 at the end of this year) and suddenly I can’t seem to lose 5 lbs as easily as I use to! I exercise and eat healthy and hardly have a sweet snack. I have that Jalie top pattern but haven’t sewn it up yet. Your outfit looks great, as do you, and I would totally wear it after the court. 🙂 In the pics it doesn’t look too tight. I haven’t tried a diet yet, just juicing and healthy eating and exercise. I’m adding pilates to my routine now, so I hope that makes a difference…fingers crossed.

    • says

      Thanks Shirley! We are our own worst critics aren’t we? It’s time to turn off that person in our heads and be more accepting as we age. I hope you have something fun planned for your big 50 and you should KNOW how fabulous you look, right? You are fierce!

  2. says

    Hi, i totally sympathise with you. when i go shopping i still pick up the size i used to be, but it hits us all. Truthfully i am sure they are making the clothes just that little bit smaller than before, or rather i hope. Well you look fabulous in the tennis skirt. well done.

  3. says

    I, too, think the outfit looks great on you, but I also it know that doesn’t mean a darn thing, if *you* don’t feel comfortable in it.
    Have you added bone broth (not to be confused with canned broth from the store) to your diet? And a decent amount of healthy fats (coconut oil, avocado, etc)?? Those are supposed to lessen your symptoms, and just be really good for you 🙂 I can’t seem to be able to lose weight to save my life (and I’ve already given up wheat and sugar and most other carbs) For Lent, I’m giving up hating my body. We’ll see how that goes….. (I’m not Catholic, so I don’t really know much about Lent, and what we should give up – I just figured that hating my body didn’t seem very grateful to the One who gave it to me, ya know?)

    • says

      I have some bones in my freezer. I need to make some! We bought a grass fed cow last year and the butcher gave us the bones and marrow. I think giving up hating your body is a very good plan! While there is always room for improvement, we need to accept the things that we can’t do anything about.

  4. Sandy Osborne says

    I think you’re being much harder on yourself than you should; you look fabulous. But I agree with Tracy (above), that if you don’t feel comfortable in it, there’s nothing that anyone else can say that will change your mind. I can barely stand to look at pictures of myself anymore. Each year a few more pounds creep up on me. And to think that I was actually on a diet to GAIN weight when I was in high school because I was so pathetically skinny.

    And your mention of the woolly nylon reminds me that I was going to try it (since you discussed it previously and I think you even gave a source . . .)

    • says

      Thanks Sandy, It’s just that little bit too tight and that little bit too short! But maybe once it’s summer and I’m tan and more fit it won’t bother me!

  5. Janet says

    Really good colors, coordinated so well, and nice outfit on you. Love the contrast strip on the skort. I am encouraged by you, and will buy the Jalie top pattern. I just finished my 2nd Anne Marie dress. It’s interesting to me how just a slightly different weight of athletic fabric can make the dress fit and hang differently.

    I can no longer even claim “middle age”, am well beyond that. It is a challenge for me to look decent, even with being naturally slender. You look *fabulous* in your clothing, and to me you are being hard on yourself. I see many women my age on the courts wearing all kinds of things — tight, loose, you name it. I know what you mean about maybe feeling an item may be too “something”. That said, I think this outfit, as shown, is perfect for tennis!

    • says

      Hi Janet, I too am planning another Anne marie dress is my team colors. I’m shocked at how expensive simple tennis dresses are in stores! The skirts are less but they are much harder to sew with the attached shorts if you ask me! I think we all need to be kinder to ourselves and more accepting. I was not feeling so great when I wrote this post!Moods!