Sweater Upcycling and Refashion Week : Past projects

This week I will be sharing everything having to do with refashioning sweaters! I am revisiting some of my early projects from when I first started the blog in 2010 today. Below are several sweaters I made back then. I don’t believe I have blogged about all of these and you will have to dig pretty far back in my archives to find them!
 If you would like to make one for your baby too, here is the link to the basic tutorial for taking an adult sweater and turning it into a baby or little kids sweater.
I can’t believe how much Gigi has grown since these were taken!

3 sweaters combined!

Sleeves to pants.

Two sweaters combined.

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  1. says

    Darling sweaters. In a few months I am doing a presentation at church on upcycling. Can I get your permission to show your photos? I will give you credit and mention your blog.

  2. Mongs says

    so so cute, I love them all, you’re so talented!