Sunday Galavanting At The Rose Bowl Flea Market !

Flea markets are fun for the whole family. Kids can learn a little history from the vendors, grown-ups can shop a little and everyone gets to people watch.
We took the day off today and it was a beautiful sunny day here in Southern California. Above are a few photos of our fun time.


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  1. Marie says

    It looks like such a great flea market, I’d love to go to one some day!

  2. Mongs says

    mother and daughter have really lovely dresses for a trip to the market.


  3. Karen says

    LOVE that fabric – you did buy it didn’t you? oh my, it is gorgeous!!!!

  4. ruby murray says

    Justine firstly I am in love with your Red dress it’s absolutely gorgeous, secondly darn too far away flea market heaven!!