Summer Kitchen Garden Progress….

Congrats to Nothy Lane of the AFT AGLEY blog for winning the Indygo junction One Yard Overlap Apron!
Perfect for working out in a summer garden.
Speaking of gardens….
Our garden is coming in late this year. 
There is not a red tomato in sight yet. But we do have some other things we have been feasting on like lettuce, spinach, turnips, beets, and lots of cucumbers.

We love a freshly picked salad from the garden.

Our tomatoes and peppers still have some growing to do.

Homegrown strawberries get eaten before they can make their way into the kitchen.
There is going to be a lot of corn in August. If we can’t eat it all the chickens will.
A natural growth chart!

Richard works hard in the garden. I have to admit he does most of the work in the garden.
 He likes to make a fire in our firepit after a hard day working in the yard.
We stuck some shells into it for decoration.

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  1. Evie Jones says

    Congratulations to Nothy Lane. I’m sure you’ll make something lovely from this pattern.

  2. Susana says

    Huerta increíble! adorable niña .Marido trabajador que luego hace fogatas.Usted debe mirar las estrellas a la noche y debe ser una estrella mas.
    Felicidades Nothy.