Striped Sneakers With Rit Dye

striped sneakers with Rit Dye #ritdyeI have been experimenting with dye this week, and made these fun striped sneakers.

I painted the dye onto the shoes straight out of the bottle. I like the effect of the watercolor like stripes. You probably have noticed the I LOVE anything with stripes on it!Striped sneakers with Rit DyeI bought some white sneakers. They are about seven dollars at Wal – Mart.

First, I put Vaseline on the white soles of the shoes to keep them from absorbing the dye.Stripes Sneakers With Rit DyeI poured a little of Rit Fuschia and Aquamarine dyes each into a small Dixie cups. I use these Dixie Cups for tons of stuff! Truly indispensable for a crafty person…

I made the shoes wet with water, then I used a sponge paintbrush to paint on the stripes. Easy!Striped Sneakers Sew Country ChiickI forgot to put the shoelaces back on for this photo !

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  1. Diane says

    Hi Justine, These dyed sneakers are really cool. I am definitely going to try it. Do you think you could dye the white around the sole or would it look funny? I am just getting into dye and will watch your blog for your incredibly creative ideas.