Stencilled & Dyed Organic Cotton Lekala Pattern # 5968


Lekala Pattern

 I ‘ve been curious about Lekala patterns , also known as Tip Top Fit patterns on Etsy.  Lekala has a unique concept. You send them your measurements and 2.99 for the pattern and a few hours later they send you a PDF file with your customized CAD executed pattern. It’s pretty amazing .  I ordered # 5968. Sorry no cutesy girl names here. Just the facts, m’aam.

I waited to get my PDF pattern sent to me via e-mail, which took a few hours. Apparently the company is based in Russia? No wonder no cutesy names, but if there were, I might call this pattern the Natalia. The pattern once printed out and taped together looked well designed, and actually had squared corners, a rarity in PDF patterns. I sewed it without adjustments and the fit was almost perfect. The shoulders are about 3/4 inch too wide, but that happens with all patterns on me ,since I have narrow shoulders for my size. They don’t ask for the shoulder measurement.

This is what you get with a Lekala pattern: il_570xN.439596844_7o61A flat drawing and that’s it. Be prepared to use your imagination when it comes to fabric selections and seeing it on a variety of bodies. The directions are clear , but there are no diagrams to walk you through the process, making these patterns suitable for the intermediate seamstress and above. There are some gorgeous styles,  definitely on the sexy side, but I chose something simple, in case the process proved to be a disaster. But luckily, it wasn’t.Lekala PatternSo why on earth would you spend eighteen dollars on an Indie PDF pattern when you can spend 2.99 on one of these? Indie Pattern designers, you have some competition. Gigitracks2  I had some leftover organic cotton from Organic Cotton Plus, my blog sponsor, and  wanted to create something inspired by my Alabama Stitch book.  I was a little lazy and wanted to make something quick and not do all the hand sewing. So I used a stencil bought on sale at Micheal’s for four dollars and some fabric paint. I dyed the natural colored cotton blue, then used navy blue fabric paint to stencil the design. I sewed the seams with the raw edges facing outward and then used the zig zag stitch to sew them down. I added a knit band to the neckline and used the zig zag stitch for decor on it. Then left the hems raw. I did lower the neckline about three inches, since I spilled some ink on the top and wanted to get rid of that part!

Lekala Pattern
Am I being photobombed there? No, it’s just my Mini me.

Lekala Pattern

Don’t worry, these railroad tracks are non functioning. The railroad stopped coming through here years ago. For awhile they had vintage tourist train rides coming through on the weekends, but that company went out of business too.GigitracksWe took these photos on Saturday morning. My dad took them for me. He’s been sick, and had surgery and hasn’t been well. But he’s feeling better, so we had a nice morning driving around looking for good spots. These old abandoned railroad tracks outside of town were his discovery. Afterward we took Gigi out for a pastry at a little Bistro on Main Street. It was a bright spot in a challenging week.

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  1. Kristi says

    This looks like it could be in a Sundance catalog for a lot of money 🙂 Good job! I never comment, but I’ve been reading for awhile and really enjoy your blog.

  2. Laurel says

    Lovely top! Colors, stencil design, details and fit are perfect. Wonderful look with jeans, and the scenery is perfect. Reminds me of living in NC in the early 60’s – spent a lot of time outdoors near the RR tracks and woods, picking wild blackberries and catching toads and grasshoppers and turtles.

  3. Margaret says

    Wow, talk about drop dead gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to try their patterns too — thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Veronica says

    That is the most amazing t-shirt ever, Justine, and you look amazing in it! Back in the early ’80s, I used to stencil wooden boxes and fabric for my mom to make throw pillows. Maybe I should give it a try again!

  5. Kathy says

    Hi Justine,

    I love the Lekala patterns! I have made up a couple and have been amazed at how well they fit. So fun to actually “get Something” for so little! I wanted to tell you that on the Lekala site, where you put in your custom measurements, there is a tab that says “Optional” (I think). If you click on that, you can add some more detailed info, such as, shoulder width. That has been very helpful for me…hope it helps make your patterns perfect! btw, love your shirt!

    • says

      Oops…hit publish too soon….I wanted to say that I’m hoping your Dad is well on the road to full recovery from his surgery! And I hope this week is sunnier for you all!

  6. says

    Super cool, Justine. I love how the stencil turned out and I’ve heard great things about Organic Cotton Plus fabrics. I’m sorry to hear your father hasn’t been feeling well. Tough stuff. Here’s hoping a little crafty time helped relieve some of the stress.