Spring Dress 4: Brown pucker knit mini dress

This is the second dress I made from my t shirt tracing tutorial.Do you want to make a quick spring dress like the cheap ones you see in all the shops at the mall? Something you can just throw on and make in about two hours? I do! Just slap down a tee, trace around it and add some length to make it a dress.
Yes,I could just buy an inexpensive dress at Target but where is the fun in that? I am trying my hardest to live handmade but I have yet to make underwear, workout wear, jeans, pajamas, or a functioning swimsuit so clearly I have a way to go…but i’d say about half of what I wear now is made by me so I guess I am getting somewhere with all of this.
This fabric was maybe a little too bulky so I haven’t gotten the perfect version yet. Isabelle’s Too Late For love Tunic pictured at the bottom of the post was closer to what I was going for, although of course not as short! It’s so important to use the right fabric, isn’t it ? I often choose a fabric that isn’t suitable for a project and try to force it just because I love that fabric and want to use it NOW!
I blogged a few weeks ago about copying some mod cloth type dresses and how they are a great wardrobe staple for spring. These were the basic styles I was talking about:

Next version of this will be a little longer and with some drapier fabric. It’s such a basic style but would look totally different in say, a drapey silk fabric.
Here is the tutorial

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  1. Vintage Girl says

    First I want to say, I think it’s wonderful you have 1/2 your wardrobe sewn by your own hands. Honestly that’s a big deal and few people can say that, in the day we live, that they sew most of everything they own. I have been dancing around the issue of making most everything, perfection slows me down in this pursuit. I feel encouraged to rethink buying from the thrifts.

  2. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy says

    You look fantastic in that dress, I cannot believe how much you sew for yourself – it is wonderful! That belt really takes the dress up a notch. Love it.

  3. angie.a says

    You are just so cute. I’m jealous of your pretty tanned legs…Summer’s comming! LOVE this dress. I would need some length, my legs aren’t as good as yours, haha!

    Thanks for the inspiration!