Skinny Leggings and Comic Strip Tee

I was so inspired by the skinny tees and leggings I have been seeing in The KCWC Flickr group that I have decided to make my own versions too!
I used my basic blocks made from my favorite kids pattern making book, Metric Pattern Cutting, to make both the tee shirt and the leggings.

I used my basic pant block, made it more narrow and omitted the seam allowance to make it smaller for stretch fabric. I just used my basic top block and omitted the seam allowance on that too for the top. If I make the top again, I will narrow the arms a little. I used some black cotton ribbing for the neckband. The whole outfit only took about two hours to make.
It’s my own version of the Flashback Tee!
I am so glad I have these basic patterns now and don’t have to spend money and time trying to find patterns for style I like.
My girl has some attitude and is looking very urban!
I have had this comic book fabric for years and made this dress for my older daughter from it :
I bought the pants fabric in downtown LA where I buy most of my fabric for a Halloween costume.
 The girl at the shop told me it was from the designer BEBE, and I could tell it was much better quality than your usual stretchy, shiny cheap stuff.
 Although these pants would probably look very Jersey Shore on an adult, I think they are cute on a little kid!
This is Gigi’s new Fashionista pose. 

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  1. Cody Doll says

    That is too cute. I can’t wait to start sewing so I can make things like this.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Emily says

    Adorable outfit! Great job with your pattern making too. :) I need to redo my daughter’s back block- the front turned out alright but the measurements/her wiggliness/my beginner’s ability were off by the back.

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