Simplicity 1461 with Indian Fabric

Simplicity 1461 in Imported Indian voileToday is a good day. I finished my Indian Fabric tunic and last night we finally heard from Oliver, who’s been rock climbing through Patagonia on an epic four month long trip. The type of trip you take when you’re a twenty one year old eager to see the world, and unencumbered by responsibilities.. It had been a month that we hadn’t heard from him, as there is no internet or phone service in those Chilean mountains, but yesterday he was in a town buying food supplies so he gave us a call. And was I relieved to see him happy and healthy on the small screen of the phone!Simplicity 1461 in Imported Indian voile

So about this tunic. I’m quite happy with how it turned out, actually. I bought the Indian hand printed fabric bought from The Delhi Store on Etsy. It’s an organic cotton voile block printed with vegetable dyes. Such pretty fabrics in this shop!

I didn’t order quite enough, so I had to get creative with my pattern piecing. But it worked out. The sleeves were cut on the crossgrain to show off the border at the sleeves. This Simplicity 1461 pattern had some  fitting issues for me. simplicityI cut the size D cup but it was huge in the bust, so I had to fit it a lot. Taking it apart and resewing after I serged it. Aaargh! My armholes are digging in still, but I can live with it. I lowered the neckline and created a new design, as well as adding a band around the neck. It was snug around the hips so I added the hem slits and then sewed a band of the border around it to give it more interest. I like tunics with a split at the hem.FittingCollage

Some adjustments:

I pinned out fullness in the princess line; shortened the front piece which was way too long, had to fiddle around with the armhole shape which had been messed up because I shortened the bodice piece, I think the armholes are too deep now, and I  reinforced the new lower neckline with interfacing..

The binding piece I added is a little off….because I folded the seam allowance under and top stitched. Not a great idea.simplicity 1461 in Indian cottonsimplicity 1461 in Indian cottonBack view. There’s a center seam with some shaping. I like that the tunic is fitted and not too huge.

I’m sure I’ll be wearing this a lot this spring. simplicity 1461 in Indian cottonsimplicity 1461 in Indian cotton

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  1. says

    So glad to hear your soon is doing well. Oh, to be 20!!! I love your top, I never see prints like that in voile. You always find the best stuff!!

  2. says

    I can’t imagine not hearing from one of my boys for a month! Good thing I’ve got, oh, 4.5 years until the first leaves home!

    There’s plenty of good internet here in chile, just not in the mountains. I hope he ventures into civilisation again soon.

    I think I have that simplicity pattern, the lady time I made one of their princess seamed tops it was big too. I think the different cup sizes are more of a gimmick. I’ll be using the smallest and just doingy own FBA next time.
    Love the fabric, bookmarking that link!

  3. says

    I just finished making this same tunic. I wish I had used the neckline you chose and a more flowy fabric. I used a shirting fabric and the big view. It fits pretty well..I made a musling first. Your’s is so pretty, I will look for a more flowy fabric next time.

  4. lisa says

    Great project! you are an inspiration. love your stuff and I keep reading !

    • sharon stafford says

      Hi, I was so glad to know that Oliver called. I have to be in Ventura at 8:00 . what are you doing today. call me.
      I love the tunic!!

  5. says

    SO happy Oliver is enjoying his hiking..[sounds so fun and care free].. Proud he got to be at a place for internet to work, and you got to hear from him… Now..that would make any mama’s day better..ha
    Love your tunic.. Proud you figured out , how to adjust and make it work..Great job.Looks pretty on you..

  6. says

    What a gorgeous tunic Justine. The fabric is so unique. Love the colour and the print. Looks like all the adjustments you have made paid off! Enjoy wearing it. And hope you will hear form your son soon again!