Silk and Lace Building Block Easter Dress

Happy Easter!Lace and silk Building Block dress book dress

Although I didn’t make it through to the final week of Project Run & Play, I’ve had such fun creating outfits for Gigi these past few weeks!Lace and silk Building Block dress book dress

I am grateful to be asked to participate, as I would not have stretched my creativity to make four complete outfits in one month. And yes, I’m glad to be able to start sewing for myself again because I am so tired of selfless sewing!

Of course, I would have loved to be able to share this Easter dress I made on the contest. But I would have made an Easter dress, regardless. Honestly, having your work held up to be judged is no picnic, Unless you win.Lace and silk Building Block dress book dressBut it was a good excuse to practice some high end sewing on this silk and lace fully lined Easter dress. The lining and is sewn in by hand. I love sewing linings by hand because I can use a fell stitch and it’s almost invisible. I’ve had all of the fabrics in my stash for a few years , so I was glad to use up some of them.Lace and silk Building Block dress book dress

The top part is a lace from The Fabric Store underlined with an iridescent silk taffeta. The large sash and bow are made from the same silk taffeta. The skirt is silk charmeuse once used for a Circus Girl costume about five years ago. Don’t you love when you finally use some of your old remnants that have been lying around forever?The lining is a bright pink polyester crepe. I once bought it to make a girls dress but it felt a little too thin. It’s perfect for lining.Lace and silk Building Block dress book dress

The pattern was made with help from The Building Block Dress Book. I shortened the bodice to create an empire waist and lengthened the A line skirt. I drafted a large sash and bow and used the directions in the book to create flutter sleeves. There is a keyhole placket in the back that closes with a pearl button.Lace and silk Building Block dress book dress

The lace is underlined with the taffeta, but I left the hem hang free from the waist seam to create a lace overlay look. I like how the scallops look.

We took these photos after Easter mass. Here is the priest blessing her Easter gift, a holy medal necklace. 

I have certainly gotten my money’s worth from the Building Block Dress Book.

Below are some of the things I have made with help from this book. And I’m not done, yet!

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  1. Justine says

    I’m happy to hear you’re getting to start sewing for yourself again 🙂 I’m watching a quick tutorial to educate myself on what is involved in a fell stitch. That’s amazing, Justine, what you did on this Easter dress lining. That’s awesome you were able to use up so many fabrics in your stash. Is your fell stitch the horizontal line 3/4ths of the way down the picture of the bright pink polyester crepe lining (the lining on the dressform)? I like the empire waist and flutter sleeves. Was Gigi giving or receiving the holy medal necklace? Lovely Easter pictures!

    • says

      Justine, the fell stitch is just like the video you linked to. I actually think it’s easier sometimes than sewing in a lining by machine.There is so much twisting and turning involved with sewing in a lining by machine it can be confusing and I don’t like how the under stitching can look so messy from the inside. With a fell stitch all you do is fold under your seam allowances, then stitch the lining in. It’s one instance where I prefer couture methods to quicker industrial methods. I like the meditative zone I get in when I hand sew.

  2. Carol Gardiner says

    Such a cute dress Justine. It looks so soft and comfortable too. I love the swing of the skirt and the little flutter sleeves. I will miss seeing your creative outfits on Project Run and Play but I don’t like my sewing being judged, I just like to have fun, so I can understand how you might be relieved to be finished. I made Easter dresses for two little girls and two big girls this year and am finishing up a challenge quilt. Then it will be time to clean and organize my sewing room, it’s getting pretty messy in there.

    • says

      Thank you, Carol. I will agree that sewing on a deadline and for judge is stressful. My favorite project was definitely the explorer dress. Happy Easter! Send a pic of the dresses!

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