Sewing Spring Fever

I went downstairs this morning to try to finally finish the Liesl & Co Soho shorts I’ve been sloooowly working on all month. I spent about five minutes cutting and realized I’d rather write about sewing than actually sew.

Here we are well into May and I have yet to finish any projects and most certainly have not made good on my Me Made promise! I actually did the opposite and broke my 2017 ready to wear fast and bought several items of clothing I love.

Silk tanks and pants, a few really great button downs in silk, khaki cotton, and denim, an off the shoulder one piece bathing suit and one that laces up. I had planned on making one, and had my Jalie pattern set aside. But they fit perfectly. Some cute summer dresses that are totally me. And the perfect white linen cropped wide leg pants. I think I’m good for this summer. I know these pieces will get lots of wear as they are the exact things I was planning on making. . . But yes, I failed at being the Me Made Maven.

I think I was putting too much pressure on myself to make everything. That takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it?

If you are a sewing blogger, do you put pressure on yourself to make something new to share, even though you are happy with your wardrobe as it is? What happens when you don’t want any new clothes and you find yourself with nothing to show on your blog for weeks at a time? Is sewing a garment every week a pace that’s sustainable? People like to put down Fast Fashion, but sewing clothes at a rapid fire pace, many of which don’t get worn more than a couple times, isn’t exactly great for the environment, either.

Maybe I’ll become a Slow Sewist. That sounds like a great idea! We’ll see.

I know I feel a bit exhausted and kind of anxious after looking at my Instagram Me Made May feed about halfway through the month. So many clothes that I want to make! But only so much time!

We all need to take breaks to recharge. If we don’t, our creativity withers and our enthusiasm wilts. I know these few weeks away from my sewing machine and my social media have been good for me. When I feel ready, the shorts will be there to finish.

And hopefully, you will still be there to read about it.



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  1. Betty says

    I totally understand about needing to recharge. I’ve taken such a long break, I don’t know if I will ever get back to it. We are renovating our house and my sewing room is now a storage area! I’ll be here when you feel like sewing again. This post truly resonated with me. 🙂

  2. Shana says

    I have a terrible problem with Sewing Because I Put It On My List And Now It Is Law. I love to sew but when I am dragging myself into the sewing room to check off my list of projects….hmmm I am not feeling joy, no I’m not! There is true freedom from our own little jails when we just shut off the machine, buy those clothes and think about something different! Have a lovely break and yes, I will still be here too….

  3. says

    Your words resonate with me too. A few times I have pulled out a pattern to make a certain dress again, but then I stop and think, “how many times have you worn the one you have already?” I thinking blogging about it puts undue pressure on it as well. I think seeing what everyone else is making is like eye candy and then sometimes I want to jump on that bandwagon and make it too….even if it isn’t my kind of thing. Finding the perfect fabric for projects is sometimes a struggle, and then I end up with fabrics I never use. I look at them and think about the money I have wasted. I love all the active wear people are making, but those fabrics can be pricey! Old Navy puts them half off occasionally and then with the reward cash you get, I can buy them cheaply iin pretty cool prints without all the fuss of making them myself….freeing up my time to exercise. ha ha My kids will all be in high school now and not as interested in me sewing for them. Sometimes I don’t even want to sew for myself anymore. I think I have sewn so much that I’m burning myself out. I’ll be 50 this year and my body is changing and I don’t seem as easy to fit myself as I use to be, adding to that frustration. The real kicker is I find myself feeling guilty if I don’t sew as much. Why on earth do I feel like that? I consider stopping my blog but then when I do sew something up, I want to blog about it because it is so much fun to share it.

    • says

      Just because we can make it all doesn’t mean we have to! That’s what I keep telling myself and why I will no longer give myself challenges like “Don’t buy anything and make everything for a year!” I don’t have enough will power for that! But I admire those who do do it, like Carolyn from Handmade Carolyn, and Sarah from Goodbye Valentino.

  4. says

    I love it when you blog about other things. During your break from sewing, show me your sewing room. What supplies do you love to use? What can you not live without? Are there any go-to sewing books you love? What else is happening on your ranch? What are you cooking these days? Tell me more about your travels. Enjoy your break from sewing!!!

    • says

      I would love to show you my sewing room. But first,I need to clean it lol! Maybe I will share some of my favorite books first. Thanks for the great ideas, Anna. Hope you are well!

  5. says

    This resonates with me as well. The endless list of what I would ‘like to sew’, that turns into ‘need to sew’ then into ‘have to sew’… It makes me stop sewing. This is the first Me Made May I am participating in. It does help me in wearing my me mades. But also makes me realise how much I really like some of my rtw clothes. And that there is nothing wrong with that. The key thing is to really cherish and appreciate the clothing that you have and/or have made. When I started my blog I soon realized that it would be impossible to post once a week. I simply do not like that kind of pressure. I try to never apologize or even mention it when my blog falls silent for weeks or months. As a blogger I do not owe anyone anything really. After 2 years blogging and sewing I feel like I get to know myself better as a sewist and blogger. At times sewing like crazy and lots of blogcontent and at other times complete silence. Apparently that is how I work. And that is simply how it is.

    • says

      Blogging does make it easier to see patterns that we have Marieke. If I look back at my blog I see that I often get burned out on sewing around this time of year. Also, it tends to be a time of year that things get really hectic in my family life and that stress may also effect it. I will stop by your blog!