Sewing shearling. Exposed lap seam tutorial

lapseamI love the look when a faux or real shearling coat has the fuzzy wool inside parts exposed on the outside. Those fuzzy seams make a nice design element on this little coat I made. Today I’m sharing how I made these seams. They’re quite simple, yet make a nice impact. I’ve sewn the seams down by machine, but I think you would get a more gorgeous look if you took the time to catch stitch them down by hand.lapseam1First, adjust the seam allowances. I added 1/2 inch allowances to my style lines. If you want smaller seams add less or wider add more. I drew with chalk my placement line on the top fabric piece. It’s double my seam, so here, it’s one inch. That is the amount I will overlap the bottom piece. On the bottom piece I’ve drawn the stitch line, which is the 1/2 inch seam allowance.lapseam2Here, I’ve overlapped the bottom piece and placed it onto the one inch placement line on the top piece. I’ve pinned it in place.lapseam3Here I have stitched on my 1/2 inch seam allowance. The seam allowance pops up due to the bulk.exposedlapseamThe I folded the seam allowance down and stitched over it. Because the shearling is so puffy the stitch isn’t really that visible. But if I wanted the stitch to be absolutely invisible, I would sew it down by hand. But since this was for my 6 year old, and she’s super rough on her clothes, I didn’t bother.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Justine says

    Very creative and interesting to see how you did these seams, Justine. Cute coat on your daughter.

  2. Sylvia Whitesides says

    Really cute coat, and the exposed seam detail really adds to the look. can you tell me where you found the faux shearling fabric?