Sewing for Lent. Will you join in? #sewingforlent


There’s no doubt that I’m a selfish seamstress. Nowadays, sewing is only my hobby and one of my goals this year is to make all of my own clothes and not buy any. I lose interest in sewing when I’m not making what I want, when I want, and get really stressed out when sewing for others, which is why I decided not to pursue making wedding gowns. And home sewing? Well, I think you guys know how I feel about that!sewingforlent


I try to keep this blog about sewing only, but I thought I would share a project I’ve decided to try my spiritual life, and I thought maybe some of you readers might like to join in. I’m a practicing Catholic. Sometimes I practice my Catholicism better than others and sometimes I get really lazy about it. I’m trying to be better.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of forty days of Lent which ends at Easter. I made my obligatory fast and wondered about what things I could do more and what things I could give up this season  to make this lent more meaningful. A small sacrifice….. 

I could give up sugar and grains!  I was planning on doing that anyway, and truth be told, that is for my own vanity anyway, since I want to lose a few pounds I put on this winter. I could go to mass more often. Yes, I will do that. I could fast from social media. I do plan on spending less time on it, but I’d rather be sewing than reading Facebook or looking at Instagram. That’s not such a sacrifice, to be honest. I could give more to Food For The Poor, my chosen charity. Yes, that’s on the list, too.

But how could I approach Lent with regards to my sewing? I thought about giving up all sewing and blogging. But instead, I decided to sew all the things for my home and family that I’ve been meaning to do, but have been too involved with my own fun sewing projects to finish. My husband has been asking me for months to make some curtains for the living room. The heating bill is higher than it should be, and we would save money if we had drapes downstairs since the windows are single paned and drafty. A few weeks ago, I went to downtown LA and bought all of my supplies. Did I start on the curtains? Well….no. There are eight windows so this may take awhile.

There are a few other projects I’d like to do, too. Projects I find boring but need to get done around here to make our home more comfortable.

This antique bed in the corner of my sewing garage is out of control. I meant to make a pretty linen mattress cover and some linen Euro shams. But somehow I threw an old vintage sheet on it instead, and it’s a spot where I put all my fabrics that I’m thinking of making something with. I’m a messy person by nature,  and this really doesn’t bother me, believe it or not! But my husband is very tidy , so fixing this up will be something nice to do for him. I will try to keep my sewing garage more tidy for him.

And lastly, I need to make some spring and Easter dresses for the girls. I like kids sewing, so it’s not such a chore, but I don’t like it as much as I like sewing for ME!

So hopefully I will get these projects done. Would you like to join me? I will be using the hashtag #sewingforlent on Instagram. Maybe we can sew all those things that our homes and families need , but that we don’t want to do, together! An unselfish sewing support group!

You don’t need to be a Catholic, either. Springtime is a time of renewal for all of us, and this theme ties in perfectly with spring cleaning and all those other things we do when the long winter is ending.

I hope to see you on Instagram. You can find me  @sewcountrychick.

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  1. says

    Count me in! I also feel like I’m cheating because I gave up dairy to lose the winter weight. Actually going vegan until dinner time every day to join my daughter who is going vegan all the way. Doing Morning Prayer from the Divine Office, and the daily readings but i enjoy all of that. What would really hurt is to keep my dining room table completely clear and sew and craft a table runner and center piece. That would be penance for sure. I will have to get started on that and let you know with the hashtag.

    • says

      Yeah I know the food thing is part vanity for me too, for sure. My daughter also became a vegetarian this year. I’m doing Paleo so it’s really hard to find something we both can eat when she comes home from college.ive never tried the Divine Office. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Brenda Kimberlin says

    I usually try to give up swearing for Lent, but it never works! So I think I’ll try your idea instead.

  3. Ruth L says

    As a Protestant, Lent is something I’ve learned more about the past 10 years or so. This year, our church has based its teaching around the Liturgical calendar. I have some unselfish sewing projects to sew as well, so in the spirit of self-sacrifice, count me in!

    I noticed a piano in one of your photos. Do you play?
    Warm regards,

    • says

      My daughter used to playit. I’m looking for a teacher for our seven year old. I just can’t let go of this red piano!