Sewing For Craft Fairs: The Patchwork Festival

yellowpouchvintagebrownfabricdressI’m so nervous and excited at the same time! I’ve rented a booth at the The Patchwork Festival in Long Beach to sell my handmade wares this Sunday. If you are in the area on Sunday, November 17, stop by to say hi! Here is more info. I’ve never sold any of my work to the public like this and I have no idea how it will go.

I have been soooo busy sewing and making random things to sell at my half of the Sew Country Chick booth  I’m sharing with my friend Fiona, who has a typesetting business called Lettre Sauvage. She and her husband make lovely letterpress printed stationery and cards . I think our things will look nice together.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for display ideas but don’t really have a clear vision yet. I’ll will throw something together. I wish I had some old wooden ladders and beadboard paneling to put up at our booth. I’ve seen some lovely displays and I know they really take planning. Whatever doesn’t sell will be going into my little Etsy shop next week. My shelves will be brimming with merchandise soon! Unless by some stroke of luck I sell everything.vintagewallpaperbanner1

I made these little banners from my collection of vintage wallpapers and used some wool twine I found at at an estate sale. I’ve been feeling good about finally using my vintage fabrics and supplies I’ve been collecting for years. I had no idea how much of it I had until I started actually using it. I found these papers  in an old bag in the back room at an estate sale. The lady just threw them in for free with the other things I was buying. What a lucky day that was because I had no clue how expensive old wallpaper can be until I started looking around on Etsy and E Bay.vintagewallpaperbanner

Trying to figure out what to sell at craft fairs has been some work. I still have no idea what sells the most but I know showing up with 30 baby dresses in urban Los Angeles, well, Long Beach,  probably isn’t going to be the best plan. It’s an Indie hip fair with lots of young people and many probably don’t have babies to buy for. So maybe they’ll want a pouch or a bag to put those plastic bags in that everyone seems to accumulate and feel guilty about even though we try our best to bring our recyclable bags to the store. Maybe some shopping bags might not be a bad idea either.russiandollbagholderMost of my stuff is made from vintage fabrics but this Russian doll fabric was in my stash and it’s just so cute! This is one of the bags for holding plastic bags from the grocery store. I always seem to forget my fabric bags and this is really handy for storing them. redheadbandI have several little headbands made from recycled sweater scraps. I have so many wool sweaters. I’d love to hear more ideas about what to make with them. foxdressThis dress is a combination of new and vintage fabric. It’s a very simple pattern I made from size 6 months to age 4. I found this cute fox fabric at Joann.daisypouchLots of vintage fabric pouches. I’m finally using up all of those metal vintage zippers I had sitting around. Although those metal zippers look really cool they are so scratchy on my skin I never used them. banner



pillowcasedressI made this little dress from a vintage pillowcase. I have several of them and I like how this turned out. It’s so simple and pure looking. bagholder vintagebunting2A banner made from my old fabrics. unionjackpinnie

A few of my pinafores, although I already blogged about these .turqpinkpinnie

flowerpurse This little bag is sewn from Rae’s Buttercup pattern. It’s such an easy little bag to sew up.

Well, thanks for checking out my wares!

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  1. says

    I am definitely going to be there! I have been going to this one and the Santa Ana location for the past 2 years. Just bring a bunch of your stuff because it will definitely go over well!

    I only have a few pictures of May’s Santa Ana show in my post here (towards the middle):

    But you can see that people use crates, overturned boxes, burlap, display plates, etc. to show off their wares and sometimes hang items from the top, like your banners! It just depends on what you want to convey to the public. Good luck with your selling!

  2. says

    You’ll do just great:) I bet you’ll wait til the last minute & still have the cutest display there! I have a cool board on Pinterest- craft show ideas. I’ve only done 2 shows. They were too small. Sounds like you found a big awesome one! You’ll have a ton of fun, & end up meeting cool vendors:) if I was close I’d go:)

  3. says

    Good luck at the craft fair! I’m doing my first one this weekend too. Your stuff looks great so I’m sure it will sell like hot-cakes!

  4. Judy says

    Best wishes ..Love all the things , you have made.. What adorable ideas…

  5. says

    Looks like you have some awesome stuff to sell! I especially love the fox dress and pinafores- wish I was closer so I could swing by! Rachel@ stitched in color has a craft fair series.