Sewing Fashions For Spring 2014: The Luxe Bomber jacket

The luxe bomber jacket is a big fashion item for Spring 2014. Why not make your own version?

sewing spring trends : Bomber jacketHere’s a new trend for Spring 2014. The luxurious fabric bomber jacket. I have the perfect fabric picked out for mine, a leopard tropical silk print i bought at Mood Fabrics last year….But I haven’t decided yet, whether I will actually make one…. If I do, I will sew it up with the Papercut Rigel Bomber jacket pattern!sewing spring trends : Bomber jacketMore inspiration from the runwaysfor Spring 2014.
sewing spring trends : Bomber jacketFrom Faith Connection

So what’s your opinion of the Luxe Bomber jacket trend? Love it or leave it?

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  1. says

    LOVE IT!!! It is very high up in my to-make list, I´ve got the fabrics and notions already but I need to tweak the pattern here and there. My bigger problem is that there are some fancy costumes that need to be make sooner, boo-hoo!

  2. says

    Leave it. But that might be my age speaking. At 48, this seems like too young a look for me, and certainly too casual for my corporate job. Might love it if I was 19.