Sew & Tell Saturday 5/22/2015

sewntellWelcome back to Sew & Tell Saturday!

Yesterday was my kids last day of school so summer has already started around these parts.

Early, I know.

I’ve already started sewing my summer wardrobe and have lots of plans and projects going.

Some I’ve already finished and some that I’m still dreaming up.

Shorts for me

Woven tank tops for me

sleeping bags for the girls for our camping trips this summer

a bathing suit for Gigi

a doll for Gigi

 a saint doll for a little baby boy’s baptism.

summer dress for Melissa’s summer of sundresses series next month.

a bathing suit for me

A leather bag

a silk jumpsuit or romper for me.

And I finally finished my sofa slipcovers after six months!

As you can see it’s mostly selfish sewing. My older girls are really picky, and to tell you the truth, it’s easier to just take them to H & M these days and call it a day when they need new things. That’s what we did today. I used to feel guilty when I went shopping at fast fashion places, but a seamstress/mom only has so much time and energy to go around, and sewing handmade wardrobes for people who aren’t really into is kind of a bummer. I know that sounds like a cop out, and it is. So I guess I do feel guilty shopping there, but I still do it. The sad thing is, it’s actually cheaper sometimes to go those places than to sew. I wish we didn’t have the choice to buy things made in overseas sweatshops, but it’s awfully hard to volunteer to pay a lot more to buy your kids clothes made here. If you can even find them. And if you can, those clothes aren’t exactly made by the workers of  the yesteryear unions. We have sweat shops right here in the good old USA, too. The clothing industry just stinks, pretty much.

Sorry to be such a Debby Downer!

I did go to a really good estate sale today before we went to H&M and found some beautiful fabrics, and lots of vintage zippers and trims I can’t wait to use! The owner was in her 90’s and had bought most of the fabrics in the 1960’s . So maybe that offset the impact of shopping H&M a little bit.

So let’s see what you have been up to!

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  1. says

    thursday was our last day. Bring on the summer!! Thanks for hosting:) you can’t have my hudson pants because they’re too big for you. Lol!