Sew & Tell Saturday

Welcome to Sew& Tell Saturday!sewntell

Next week I’ll be starting to post the party on Friday nights. Getting up at 6 AM to do this is a little daunting! And don’t forgeyt you can now post Instagram links!

Ever since I switched to WordPress I’m confused about how to schedule posts. The person who originally moved my blog installed a program that has a different time on it. For instance, it’s 6 AM right now but my program thinks it’s 1 PM. So I guess I can schedule posts. I just have to add seven hours to the time I really want to publish the blog post. Now that I’ve spelled it out, it doesn’t really seem very complicated. Now that I type this out i see what a dunce I was for letting this confuse me! Problems always seem smaller once you spell them out.

So how was your sewing week? I made my little Miss G two rompers to continue my Patterns Of Wal Mart series, and also posted my silk chiffon kimono and cotton embroidered tunic, which I actually made the week before. And I’m sewing a new pattern for a pattern tour on Thursday. The Valencia from Welcome To The Mouse House. It’s a sleeveless mixed fabric ladies tunic, perfect for summer. I have to admit, I don’t get along with PDF patterns. It seems I can’t find my Scotch tape anywhere, or my printer just happens to be out of ink when the inspiration to finally print and make one hits. And both happened to me this week. If I have a choice, I’ll always choose paper.

What about you? Paper or PDF’s ?

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    In your dashboard under settings click general. There will be time zones and formats you can choose from. That will fix it:) nothing new to link up, my machine is going back to the shop. I’ll be checking out the links tho:) thanks for hosting!

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    I printed out a pdf pattern once, and have done nothing with it and that was almost a year ago. All those pieces that need to be taped together left me with no more desire to make the top. So, I go with paper patterns whenever I can.
    So glad to see your Sew & Tell posts back. There aren’t many like this out there, and I really like seeing what everyone is making. 🙂