Sew & Tell Saturday

Hello everyone!

This is going to be the last week of the Sew & Tell Saturday because next week I’m switching to a new idea for a link party. Hopefully, some of you will be able to join in on my new link party, which I will only be posting once a month. It’s a bit of a challenge, this link party and I will be posting it the first Saturday of every month.

It’s called DESIGN IT YOURSELF. You can post refashions, original designs, an outfit where you did a remake on an existing pattern, jewelry, hair stuff, handbags you designed….

You see, I’m trying to design more of my own clothes and am using sewing patterns less. I’m not stopping using them altogether, because it’s fun to support fellow designers and I love lots of patterns. But I am a trained designer even though that was a million years ago and I really should be designing my own clothes. And I know many of you are ready to take that next step, too. I’m also thinking about doing more pattern making and draping posts. My goal is to have an original design every month. I think I can do that! And I would love for you to join me.

There is no doubt that designing my own clothes requires me to put my thinking cap on and my projects don’t always work out. But I do have a dress I want to share next week that I really love. And this week, feel free to post whatever you want! Sewing, crafts, quilts, anything. Thanks!

Design It Yourself Link Party

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  1. says

    Thank you for the party!
    I hope I will be able to join your new party next month, but creating completely my own design will be hard for me. I sometimes make a few changes to the existing pattern, hope that is good en enough 🙂