Semi Exposed Miniskirt Tutorial: Forever 21 Knockoff

My teen daughter has a skirt from Forever 21 that zips up the front.
Her sister wanted one too so I made one.
Here’s how I did it.
I would say this as a good project for a beginner.
The zipper is a little bit of a challenge, maybe.
But it gives the skirt that little extra something that every hand sewn garment needs!
Just a note…..
This skirt tutorial can be made for adults or kids, too!

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  1. Cherie says

    Cute! Maybe I didn’t see it, but what is the seam allowance for the side seams?

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Carolyn says

    Such an adorable little skirt! and I love love love that fabric too. it looks to be embroidered all over? So beautiful. Far more gorgeous than anything in Forever 21, I am sure!

  3. Sew Blessed Maw says

    such a cute skirt.. the exposed zippers are very popular right now. Thanks for the tutorial.

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