Seagull costumes


But let’s talk sewing now. I’ve been sewing like a maniac for this play I’m working on and I am looking forward to making some modern clothing after eating , sewing, and sleeping 1890’s Chekhov style outfits. IMG_47331890’s walking suit made from a tablecloth..

Patterns I used for all the costumesButterick 3417 Butterick 5970 Simplisty 5023 Simplicity 2895 B4952

_DSC1804corr Butterick 4954

Buttercik 4954 simplicity 2207 Nina- Butterick 5970 &Simplicty 2207 _DSC1817corr _DSC1822corr _DSC1825corr

This one was a normal suit which I recut._DSC1826corr

Dealing with the director._DSC1828corr

Self drafted rectangle skirt! The Segull 1890's Costume  Simplicity 2207 & Butterick 5970 JAVob- Simplicity 2895 _DSC1788corr _DSC1785corr _DSC1783corr

What have you been up to? Let’s see!


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    Yup, it does get really fast paced. I’m really bad about lurking around and not leaving comments. I read tons of blogs but comment on only a few- tends to be the blogs who have a bunch of personality & I feel like I “know” them. I like link parties a lot. I’ve “met” lots of bloggers at parties. Linking up is also good for seo. I stopped linking up at every party though. Purely selfish, but I started checking my stats. The small to mid size parties and sewing related parties visit around more, but at the giant mega parties I didn’t even get a click. So nowadays I hang out at the more friendly places. It’s easier to find a project I like, or someone to follow on Pinterest; etc.

    Anyways, thanks for hosting! I know it’s a lot of work but I know a lot of us really appreciate a cool sewing linky:)

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    I’ve noticed the decline in comments in the time I’ve been blogging, even though I have way more traffic now and more projects pinned. Ha ha, I totally refuse to join Instagram, no matter how good it is. I just don’t have time, even if that leaves me behind. I don’t link up to link parties as often as in the past, or to as many. I’ve become more selective. I do prefer sewing related link parties, but sometimes I’ll link up just because I like a particular blogger’s style or their link party has a certain feel… a little hard to quantify.

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    I do like link parties for “meeting” bloggers and seeing other styles of sewing and blogging. We do tend to stick to sewing link parties, because we tend to be more like minded. I also visit many more blogs than I comment on. You are right there are so many different outlets, but I really enjoy the link parties. Thanks for the energy and effort to host! I know its a lot of work.

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    I love the link up parties! Even though I follow way too many blogs already, I love how these parties introduce me to so many new faces who I haven’t come across before. And even though I think of myself as young (28), I don’t do the instagram, twitter, pinterest, Facebook etc etc etc. I think it’s all too much really – when do people have time to relax, be creative, and sew when we’re constantly checking to see what others are doing?!

    Also, maybe I’m blind, but I can’t seem to find a code for a button to put it on my blog (?)

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    I love link parties! I have found so many great new blogs to follow through link parties. I do agree with you that everything seems so fast paced. Although I have facebook and pinterest, it’s more for personal use rather than for my blog. I don’t do instagram or twitter. I will say that I am guilty reading blogs but not always leaving a comment. I’m trying to get better at that because I love when people leave a comment on my blog but then I don’t do it on other blogs. Thanks for the link party, Justine!

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    Hi Justine,
    Love that outfit you made from the play..Gorgeous.. I have been busy too..Easter Dresses for the 4 granddaughters..
    I am so happy you are doing the link up Saturdays again..So fun, and I love the different people I meet.
    I too, hate the fast past lives we live now.. We miss so much, by all the modern fast world things..
    Oh… i guess I am just

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    wow, that dress is crazy good justine! cannot wait to see the rest of them. are you going to blog about them? and what happened with project runway?

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      Hi Christine. I’ll be blogging the outfits next week. We have a photo shoot on Tuesday. I was so bogged down with this I didn’t make anything for PR. I’m aiming to apply next season.

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    I like them…I had stopped doing them for awhile, but it is how I can quickly find and scan projects I like and blogs to follow. I get overwhelmed by pinterest, and then I was overwhelmed with ‘blog stats’ which is comical for a blog like mine. I started blogging to try to find a community and ‘friends.’ So yeah, I’m all for this!

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    I am new to your site and after much time being just a reader and not a commenter on blog posts, I finally decided I was just gonna say something.
    The dress you are working on looks great! I never even considered using a table cloth as fabric for a sewing project, what a great idea!

    Erika @

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    I think it becomes more difficult to comment on every blog I read because I continue to add to my list, so I try to comment on those that don’t have a high number of comments. I really appreciate how you always seem to find time to respond to comments. Your etiquette is something that we should all try to follow. I always look forward to your linky parties. I have found a lot of blogs I like to read through these parties. I am embarrassed that I never thought much about all the work it must take to put it together. Thank you for doing so since you are obviously a very busy lady. I love the walking suit. You must spend a lot of time researching the period and then finding suitable fabric.

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    First of all, your dress is beautiful!!!
    I like link parties, but I find myself enjoying more sewing related parties. Your party would be a great place to hang out, hope to join you next time!