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Red Jackie O Dress Justine from Sew Country ChickHappy Saint Valentines’ Day!

When Celina and Hayley invited me to a be included in their fabulous Shades Of me Series I was really excited to make myself something red.

They assigned the red day to February 14. I have a date with my husband planned, and decided to make myself a cute little dress.

The details:

  • Dress fabric: Some sort of cotton bark cloth I bought at a yard sale for about two dollars.
  • Pattern: The pattern comes from the book Famous Frocks. Here is a review I wrote on it. A book with 10 designs and patterns inspired by 10 film stars and fashion icons. I chose the Jacki O dress. I needed a dress design with structure to show off this firm woven bark cloth type fabric. Plus, I’ve had this book a long time and even though I only paid ten bucks for it, I wanted to get my money’s worth. The good news is it pretty much fit perfectly, although I had to do a FBA and lengthen the skirt stomach area a little to fit better. The bad news about this book for some people reading is the largest sizes of the patterns in the book is about an 8 or a size large. I’m a 6 and cut a medium.
Each style in the book has two variations. The Jackie O dress had a version with a high funnel neck which although incredibly chic looking, wasn’t going to be a good look for me. I felt the lower boat neck version was going to more flattering on my body. In general,high necklines tend to make me look blocky. I had to do a full bust adjustment to get the bodice to fit. I made a muslin, slitting it in the bust area and letting it fall open. The amount that the muslin opened is the amount I made larger on the pattern by cutting it open at the waist dart to the armhole and opening the pattern. Full bust adjustments are easy once you get the hang of them. There are several great tutorials. This one on the Christine Haynes blog is excellent.

Red Jackie O Dress Justine from Sew Country ChickI also shortened the dress several inches. I feel frumpy in below knee length dresses. Plus, My daughters are always telling me I should dress more racy! I may be in my forties, but I work out and want to show off a little. While I still have something to show off. Ha!Red Jackie O Dress Justine from Sew Country Chick

I loooove these yellow shoes. I bought them over two years ago. They are by Via Spiga, and although they are two seasons old, I think they still look current.Red Jackie O Dress Justine from Sew Country Chick

I pretty much messed up this zipper. I bought a new machine, a Janome Magnolia and didn’t buy a zipper foot. I put in the zipper without it. I’ll have to replace it, but I lost my seam ripper!Red Jackie O Dress Justine from Sew Country ChickSo have you been following the Shades Of Me series? It’s been great. A lot of the ladies involved don’t usually sew for themselves and the series has been a great excuse for some much needed selfish sewing. Although I love seeing what they are making for their kiddos, I’d also love seeing them create some more grown up styles. Come on mom, you deserve it!

Red Jackie O Dress Justine from Sew Country Chick I love sewing for myself. It’s definitely harder than sewing for kids. Learning how to work with your lumps and bumps to create a garment that fits and flatters can take years to perfect. I always learn something new. For instance, I had to make the skirt pattern a little longer in front between the two darts, so it would drape better over my slightly protruding stomach. It looked really bad the the first try but you can hardly see my stomch now, thanks to getting the fit right. And holding in my stomach for the photograph. Red Jackie O Dress Justine from Sew Country Chick

Once again, thanks Dad, for taking these pictures!

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  1. says

    Are you talking to me?! You just listed every excuse I have for not sewing for me. I don’t want to sew a muslin, don’t want to adjust for lumps and bumps, and don’t want to do a fba. I do have a sewing for me thing coming. I’m 99% sure it will be a disaster though. If this next thing is as bad as my last few attemps, I’m just going to sew with knits. Beautiful, forgiving, stretches over the lumps and bumps…but your dress does make me want to try! It’s gorgeous, and the zipper is hardly noticeable. Thanks for the link to the fba. I’ll read it.

    PS I can’t get a thing for $2 here. I’m lucky to get $4 with a coupon, unless it’s from a secret vintage place I don’t get to visit often. I’m pouting over the lack of $2 fabric here…

  2. says

    Wow, Justine. Va-va voom! Red is SO your color. You look amazing and that dress is the perfect shape for you. Lovely!

  3. says

    This is great, Justine! I love that you lost your seam ripper. I think that’s a sign of a great seamstress! Or do you prefer sewist? 😉

  4. Sarah Helene says

    I’m amazed that you bought this red fabric for $2. plus thread & a zipper… cost, how much? Less than
    $5.00 total!!! FAB dress for the SHADES OF ME series on Valentine’s Day 2014. I just “bookmarked” your blog for future viewing . . . clothes for your 5 kids and yourself. Thanks for sharing! Sarah in Minneapolis

  5. Mie @ Sewing Like Mad says

    Justine you look AMAZING!! That is a classic red dress for sure – and I don’t mean that in a boring way 😉 And YES those yellow shoes….LOVE!! Love the photos too – great job Dad!

  6. says

    Amazing! Everything from the dress, to the hot mom and the photos. I am so happy you chose red because it suits you soooo well. Happy Valentine’s day! And thank you so much for being on the tour.

  7. Mary says

    Gorgeous! JFK would be chasing you around the desk! Well done,,,and such a lovely shade of red.

  8. says

    Gorgeous Justine! This looks like a great every day dress and one you will get lots of wear out of:)

  9. says

    Wow! You look amazing! And in case you don’t want the dress, just pack it up and send it my way. No pressure. Just a thought. LOL. LOVE it!

  10. says

    Love the dress! The fit is perfect! P.S. I lost my seam ripper too. I don’t know how since I use it all the time!

  11. says

    Justine, the dress looks absolutely fabulous on you. It not only shows off your beautiful figure, it makes obvious how good you are at making things. I hope you got a new seam ripper for V day hahaha

  12. says

    What a gorgeous dress! I live the fit you got & think you were right in making it shorter, you look fab! I’ve got this book but have yet to sew from it so it’s nice to see one of the patterns made up.

  13. Jordan says

    That dress really does fit you beautifully. And the color? To die for. Love it!