Refashioning Mom’s Wedding Gown Into A First Communion Dress- Finished!

Wedding Dress to First Communin Dress

Mom’s Wedding Gown To First Communion Dress…

I finished the dress and everything went well. The fit was great, and my little friend was so happy in her dress made from her mom’s wedding gown on her special day!

First Communion Dress Upcycled From Mom's Wedding GownFirst Communion Dress Upcycled From Mom's Wedding Gown

The gown has lots of little details, making it a miniature wedding gown, really.  It has a horsehair braid hem to make the skirt hem stiffer, a back bustle effect, and fully functioning buttons that I used from her mom’s wedding gown with a zipper placket underneath for security.First Communion Dress Upcycled From Mom's Wedding Gown

I found some delicate pearl trim tape and sewed it into the waist, neckline, and sleeve hem seams, between the linings.

First Communion Dress Upcycled From Mom's Wedding GownHere are the sleeves where I sewed on lace pieces and then sewed little pearls from Mom’s dress over the motifs to copy her mom’s wedding dress.First Cummunion Dress Upcycled From Mom's Wedding GownThis was the dress before I cut it up. I tried to retain the original feeling, but make it a little more sweet for a little girl.

First Communion Dress Upcycled From Mom's Wedding GownA photo of her mom, my friend Christine, buttoning up her little girl. This is such a special day for Catholic families and I was happy to be a part of it.First Cummunion Dress Upcycled From Mom's Wedding GownAren’t they lovely?IMG_5120

This was the pattern I used, McCall’s 3050, bought on E Bay from the year 2000. While the pattern is really well drafted , I found the instructions to be really hard to understand so I just gave up on them after a certain point and used my own methods of construction. I would say this pattern is only suitable for very experienced seamstresses! That’s an understatement too…

ThomasAquinassizedThomas Aquinas College Chapel is so beautiful. This four columned Baldachino is like a miniature version of the one in  St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. What a lovely setting for a First Communion!

First Communion Dress Upcycled From Mom's Wedding GownThe veil and headpiece were worn by her mom when she got married. First Communion Dress Upcycled From Mom's Wedding Gown

What a little angel she is!

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  1. says

    Really beautiful work, Justine. What a special dress for a special day! I like the idea of the First Communicant wearing her mother’s wedding headpiece/veil. And yes the 4 columns are like mini versions of the ones in St Peter’s Basilica. I was told that they represent the spiral upward motion our soul makes going up to heaven.

  2. Jaime E. says

    The dress turned out absolutely beautiful, Justine! Every detail is lovely.

  3. says

    Oh, look – that church is named after a saint from who’s name is made my name – akwiinas! Finally, after 14 years spent in Internet, this is first time I see this name accidentally!
    About dress – looks like a great job for sewer, no matter for which reason dress is used. However, I like idea of wearing it to first big church event for a kid a lot.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    What a unique use of Moms wedding gown. Let’s face it, while we may dream of our daughters wanting to wear our wedding gown on their big day most of the time it does not happen, the styles have changed, their taste are different. This is the perfect answer to those dreams. You did a wonderful job, the daughter is beautiful.