Ragamuffin Patchwork: Everyday Is Earth Day !

Everyday is Earthday when it comes to my wee ones wardrobe. If it’s not handmade then a lot of it is thrifted or  handed down.
For instance, this outfit here.
A collaboration of my design, my nine year olds design, some thrifted , some handed down, and a little bit of Tokyo fashion too.

My nine year old Lily designed and sewed this patchwork skirt for her little sister from scraps in my scrap bin.
 I love how it turned out and Gigi loves it too, especially since her big sis made it.

The sweater was made by me . I cut down an old shrunken sweater and added some Liberty of London  bias tape to the neckline.
I brought the t-shirt back from Tokyo. It has the word CUTE appliqued on it.

The shoes are from the seventies!I bought htem for a dollar at an estate sale. They reminded me of a pair I had and loved as a litle kid.The scarf was my mom’s and the tights were big sister number one’s.

This is one of my favorite silk souvenir scarves from the 1930’s that my mother gave to me. Gigi got some saltwater taffy I brought back from the SNAP Conference stuck in her hair and I couldn’t get it out in time to leave for the zoo today so I threw this scarf on her head. A happy accident! We finally got the saltwater taffy out after many tears and holding her hair under warm running water to melt the taffy off.

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  1. says

    I think its wonderful to get kids involved in sewing! You’re passing down a great tradition. The outfit is great and the model is adorable!

  2. OakRose Mama says

    She is so so cute! I love the scarf in her hair, how darling 🙂

  3. Digital Misfit says

    So adorable! I love that sweater refashion. I had to giggle when I saw the shoes – I had that very same pair!

  4. Justine of SewCountryChick says

    I had a similar pair too. They are by Kinney shoes!