Pumpkin Witchy Balloon Skirt Dress Made From A Men’s Shirt

Today is day one of The Train To Crazy’s 3rd annual Handmade Costume series!
Yes, it’s time to start thinking about sewing for Halloween again!
Over the next couple of weeks you should definitely put The Train To Crazy on your must read list because there will be lots of tutorials shared for Halloween sewing!
( No excuse now NOT to sew this year, friends.)

 This little dress I’m sharing with you today was made from a men’s shirt I bought at the half off sale at the thrift shop ( yes, they have half off sales even at the thrift shop), some black paint, elastic, and bias tape.
Don’t get too wierded out here, but we found that witch hat in the trash in front of an estate sale yesterday. It was on the top of the trash and it is positively old, made in Taiwan, so I’m almost sure any germs on it died a long time ago. When was the last time anything was made in Taiwan, the 90’s? They don’t even call it that anymore. Correct me if I’m wrong!
So that brings my grand total for this costume to two dollars since I only bought the shirt, and had all of the other stuff lying around or boug it thrifted ages ago.
I used the top for a pattern I recently made to make the bodice: The Perfect Peasant Dress by Peek A Boo Patterns.
So happy to use up some of my supplies!
 Yes this kids DOES have some serious attitude. And I swear I have nothing to do with this.

I found those clogs at the Rose Bowl Flea Market last week. I love them.

I sewed the bodice with bias tape to look like a lace corset. The stripes were made with 2 inch painter’s tape a method I love to use when painting stripes.
Here are some photos of the making of this dress:
 I cut off the bottom of the shirt straight across from the underarms and used 2 inch painters tape to create stripes for the skirt.

For the top , I used the top portion of a pattern, The Perfect Peasant Dress by Peek A Boo patterns. Which Is a great basic peasant dress pattern by the way.
I painted the stripes on the sleeves and drew guidelines on the bodice, then sewed on the bias tape to make the faux lacing.
I made the elastic casings for the neck, sleeves, and waist, then made another elastic casing at the HEM of the skirt. Then I tacked the skirt under and sewed it down in a few spots, creatinga  balloon like effect.
It’s puffy and ballonish without having to use a lining. There was no way I wanted to spend time making a real balloon skirt. That would have been too consuming, and I’m not even sure if my little one has decided she is going to wear this for Halloween yet.
She changes her mind almost every day.
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  1. Jolanda Bravery says

    painting the stripes is really clever – I thought the material was actually striped! the dress is gorgeous 🙂

  2. says

    This is adorable! Such a cute idea. Not too scary and over the top witch, but not too cutesy either. Great job Justine!

  3. Victoria says

    She totally rocks that dress and a natural for the camera! I though the fabric was orginally striped too and was wondering what kind of guys would wear that kind of shirt, lol!