Project Run & Play Week One

 Stopping by from Project Run & Play?
Below are some more pictures of my designs for this week’s first challenge.
A remix of a bias strip technique tutorial from No Big Dill.
If you haven’t gone over to Project Run & Play then please stop by here to vote for your favorite designs!
They are all so pretty.
I won’t give a long explanation of all my work involved here but stop by next week for some tutorials and a peek into the making of these patterns.
OK, maybe just a short explanation…
I made the patterns myself and sewed the dresses from a combination of silk charmeuse, silk shantung, and cotton voile.
I threw the silks in the washer and dryer to distress, shrink, and soften them. This technique also makes the silk washable because I can’t remember the last time I went to the dry cleaner!

 I was trying to go for a vintage 1920′s feel.
What would Madeline wear on her day out?
The colors look a little muted but I love the combination of the soft dusky pink and black.

 Here is my double layer Peter Pan collar.
The strips are a combination of washed silk charmeuse, silk shantung, and cotton voile.
I made the tie from a bias strip of black silk charmeuse.
The dressabove was made by sewing two fabric layers together, turning them on the bias and cutting strips in the top layer.
I made the pin hair clips too.
The neckline is bias strip roses.
Don’t forget to stop by and vote!

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  1. Justine, Wow! I really like the cohesive yet completely different dresses you came up with. Good Luck!

  2. Really nice details and styling on both dresses. Beautifully done!

  3. Love these Justine – especially the smaller one – just precious!

  4. I’m very impressed! Both dresses (and girls) are just beautiful!

  5. gorgeous Justine! Love that collar with the flower fabric and black piping. So pretty! Fantastic looks.

  6. These are absolutely lovely! I gave you my vote! :)

  7. They are so classy! Love!

  8. I like both dresses, but the smaller one with the peter pan collar I LOVE! Great job!

  9. 2littlehooligans says:

    i love both dresses…great job! i guess we both create in pairs:)

  10. These are adorable, I think I’d like that peter pan collar dress in my size!

  11. Love it, love it, love it!! I went over and voted for you too.

  12. I especially love the peter pan collared dress, Justine…so adorable, and the details are awesome!

  13. Justine. I am blown away. You really did stunning work. The second smaller dress is also my fave!

  14. wow…these dresses are gorgeous with so much detail…wish i could find them in my size! you did an amazing job!!

  15. You got my vote! Your dresses are beautiful!

  16. your designs are always so sophisticated and i love that you use a variety of fabrics most of us wouldn’t dare sewing with. :) good luck this season!

    • Justine of SewCountryChick says:

      Thanks Krisitin. i ge my fabrics so cheap in downtown LA that I don’t mind using them for kids clothes. I never spend more than about 5 a yard.

  17. Great dresses! If I had to choose, I couldn’t make a choice! They’re both so beautiful! Liz

  18. OH MY GOODNESS!! These designs are Stunning! Your photography is perfection! Your models are adorable. Justine, your creativity wow’s me consistently! Pinning and sharing on Facebook
    <3 Christina

  19. Kat @ says:

    HONEY! I friggin adore what you did with your looks!!! They look like they could be on the cover of some awesome Japanese sewing book!!! I have a serious crush on that dusty pale rose and black polka dot combo! And you made two dresses. That rock. And you used shantung- which is beautiful.

    I have to say I am completely flabbergasted that you aren’t slamming the numbers this week!? Of my four votes I ran around to put in, two of them were for you ;-) I will be pinning this when the smoke clears here :-)

    You nailed it!

  20. So dainty and chic! :)

  21. Both dresses look fabulous, Justine, but I just adore the little one with the Peter Pan collar!!! I love the way you use different types of fabric… it pays off! The dusky pink looks so good with the black, too. Good luck!!!

  22. These dresses are SO amazing! Beautiful photography and children as well to showcase them!

  23. AWESOME !!!! Can’t wait for tutorials and explanations. Every item is VERY inspiring.

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