Photos from my Tokyo trip

It was the week of the peak of the cherry blossoms. Can you see the cherry blossoms falling like snow?
Seniors having a Hanami party under the cherry blossom trees.
A Japanese child enjoying the Hanami. ( Cherry blossom)

Me standing in fron of the 160 year old sushi restaurant at the Tsujiki fish market. We had a sushi breakfast!
Harajuku girl.
A cherry blossom
Our Japanese breakfast in the Ryokan hotel.
A statue in front of a Pachinko parlor.
A schoolgirl waiting for the train.
Shibuya girls.
Shibuya at dusk.
Tokyo taxi.
My son in a Ginza alley.
I love this one.
My hubby. It was different traveling with guys only. They wouldn’t let me spend too much time in shops!
A Yakitori grill

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  1. says

    Those photos are so beautiful! It makes me really wish I was going to Japan soon. Such atmosphere, I need to experience it. Bucket list! Thanks for the photo tour. Janelle

  2. says

    Love your photos. They’re especially interesting to me because I’ve spent so much time in Japan myself (I studied there for a semester, then lived with my guy a short time when he was teaching English there). Cherry blossom season is definitely stunning, but I love their beautiful autumns, too.

  3. says

    Natsukashii!! I love these pictures, they make me so nostalgic and excited to go back this summer. It’s so great you got to go during Cherry Blossom season. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures!

  4. says

    Cherry Blossoms are so beautiful. I love the pictures you’ve taken. I have never been but I have a good friend from Japan. I’ll show her this site. I love the pictures from the market(?).

  5. charlotte says

    wow, your trip looks totally amazing!the contrast from mad city life to perfect blossom!?!