Palmer Pletsch McCall’s 6355 & 6613 fails

Hi readers!

Well, I’ve had a massive fail with not one, but two of the Palmer Pletsch patterns now. I’d love to show you the finished version of my black sheath dress sewn from what looks like one of the easiest patterns around, McCall’s 6355.12885630314_f74c97fc4b_z But I can’t because I threw it away in a fit of disgust! First off, I think tissue fitting is a massive waste of time and don’t see the point in it, especially when sewing with knits. The knit fabric behaves completely different from the tissue, so after much fitting, cutting, scotch taping, IMG_3102 pinning,IMG_3108

and creating a full bust adjustment, IMG_3112 I was left with a horribly misshapen and huge knit muu muu with miles of extra ease and a hideously huge and obvious dart, instead of a fitted sheath.  IMG_3229I was so frustrated with the fool proof system I threw the entire pattern and fabric in the trash. never to be seen again. Good thing I bought the ponte fabric by the pound downtown, so no loss there.IMG_3226 I had better luck with my 99 cent Wal Mart pattern Simplicity 1358, which fit perfectly straight out of the envelope with no darts needed at all….reddress4 In my opinion, all that cutting and taping of the pattern is a complete waste of time and actually takes longer than just sewing up a muslin. Then I had to rely on my kid to pin me in the back and hope she was pinning correctly, since I couldn’t reach back there. I’m surprised at how mediocre this pattern was, since so many other sewing bloggers seemed to love this pattern.

A simple knit dress should not be so complicated.

This was not my first failed attempt at a Palmer Pletsch pattern. The last one I made, McCall’s 6613 was also a failure, as the armholes were drafted too low, reducing ease of movement. My husband can’t even wear the shirt i spent a full week sewing for him and also spent full retail on the fabric for. (Something I rarely do but knew he would love the Robert Kaufmann flannel).’. When I did the first fitting on him, we didn’t notice they lacked mobility. But once it was done, he admitted that the armholes just felt weird and uncomfortable. So I was left with a good looking but unwearable shirt for him….which I spent ages sewing and getting all the little details right. So, so, disappointing.

So no, I wouldn’t recommend these patterns to you, readers. But I’m all ears if you like them and please tell me about your success.

I’d say mine and my husband’s measurements are pretty standard, and don’t usually require much fitting , so buyer beware. RICHARD1I hate to give negative reviews since I don’t like being Debbie Downer. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

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  1. Anna Christina says

    I had to laugh when I read that you threw it away in a fit of rage. I’ve done that myself. When I was young, my mother would take it out of the trash and I would find it laying on my bed a day or so later. I agree with you about tissue fitting for knits — pointless. Thank you for your review.

  2. says

    I have that pattern but haven’t sewn it up yet….so glad about that. I do have 1358, and that looks really cute on you, so I’m anxious to sew that one! I bought the fitting book that explains all the tissue fitting, snipping and taping…too much work for me! I’d loose interest in sewing it up after all of that. Sometimes I make a muslin if I’m unsure or maybe just the part that the fit needs to be checked.

    • says

      . I don’t think the dart looks right in the knit fabric. Plus, it’s so big to begin with, it gets too large when you adjust the pattern for a larger bust. huge darts are so obvious looking, even when you trim away the excess.

  3. Fitch says

    Try adding diamond shaped gussets to the underarms of the shirt. You did a nice job, don’t toss that one.

  4. says

    The simplicity pattern was so nice suprised you would want to try another do similar. I feel your frustration, its horrible to think you have adtrd do !much time and precious effort. But if things don’t work for you then its OK to say.

  5. says

    Yep, I’ve used that pattern a bunch, but I’ve never actually tissue fitted any P/P patterns. It’s way too fussy and since I’m kind of slipshod to begin with, there’s no way I’d get an accurate fit. I had another P/P pattern where the fit was way off out of the envelope. Must be going around!

  6. Mary Jo Barclay says

    I must agree with you on these P&P patterns. I have tried many times, and now stear clear of this method and patterns! Glad to hear it was not just me!

  7. says

    I am so sorry you spent all of your time just for it to end up in the trash. I know I would so frustrated as well. But thank you for the warning and your honest review.

  8. says

    Thank you for the review. Such a shame it didn’t work out. I never tried tissue fitting as I would certainly end up with a torn pattern. I never bought any of their patterns. I do however like their books. Pictures are outdated but I could find some help for my fitting issues.

  9. Sara Crystal says

    I agree with all your comments but throw away the pattern but not the clothes. wait until you are in the right mood and then alter by recutting the armhole or adding gusset, try the dress with a belt or just taking it in one size. carry on. that being said, I consider a project jinxed if 3 fixes dont work. and,alternatively, you could cut the shirt into a sleeveless shirt. love, sara

  10. Sew Happy says

    Thanks for your comments on the patterns. I thought it was just me because I don’t do much clothes sewing. Sorry your husband’s shirt did not fit. It looks great. Don’t throw anything out. Adjust them for your family or a friend or some one in need.

    Happy Creating