Old Clipboards Make Good Wall Frames

I often find old clipboards at the thrift shop.
Why not repurpose one as a picture frame?
Old clipboards make great frames for 8 by 10 photos.
Below is my sewing nook in the corner of my dining room. I often switch out wall decor and the clipboard is fun because I can easily print out 8 by 10 inch photos at the photo place and switch photos. This photo is of a mercury glass Madonna that I bought at the Rose Bowl flea market. It has such a special quality that I took a photo of it on my front porch. I love how She is framed by my old oak tree.
I made the corkboard from upholstery webbing. I also refinished the sewing desk myself.
The apron on my dress form is made from old vintage French linens.
I like to be surrounded by special mementos when I sew!

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  1. What a lovely space. The clipboard would be a great way to display kids’ art!

  2. Thanks for this idea, really versatile and you have the clip board handy, just in case!

  3. Sew Blessed Maw says:

    Such a cute idea. love your sewing area… Great job.

  4. What a great idea! I found a bunch of those in my grandpa’s office. Now there’s something to do with them (well, other than using them for their original purpose!) :)


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