Ojai Wrap Tour 2 Little Hooligans, Eco Armoire

Hello everyone! This is the last day of my Ojai Wrap  tour! It’s been fun!
We have been sweltering in 104 degree heat the last few days here in Southern California! There have been high winds, and many fires… hours long traffic jams because of the fires on the sides of the road when someone threw a cigarette out their window and burnt down some of the poor old orange groves.
And no, our old farmhouse has no air conditioning. It all feels very retro lying in bed at night with the sound of our old vintage fan going back and forth and then with the rooster crowing in the morning. I’ll be glad when it cools down, that’s for sure,Ojai Wrap By Eco ArmoireOn to the tour! Melissa, my fellow Sewing Rabbit Team Member also blogs over at Eco Armoire.  Melissa made a pretty polka dot version of the Ojai Wrap. Stop by and visit her blog!

Ojai Wrap by 2 Little Hooligans

My friend Christine from  2 Little Hooligans made a pretty , white Ojai Wrap.

I met Christine last summer at Fabric Weekend. I had been reading her blog for a long time, and knew we would have a lot in common. It is so neat to finally meet someone you know online. Christine lives on a farm in New Hampshire and does a lot of gardening and crafting as well as sewing, and her photos are so pretty to look at. Her blog makes me want to leave this 104 degree heat and move there right away!

Well, this is the last day of the tour, and I would like to thank everyone who participated and I hoped you enjoyed seeing all the versions of The Ojai Wrap. I know it’s been an amazing feeling for me. Of course. I did find a big mistake on my pattern, being me, but not to worry. Yes, I almost had a meltdown, and I was very dramatic about it, BUT all is fixed and well now! If you have ever made a pattern, you can probably relate. There is a lot of work that goes into it!

On Sunday We will be off on our trip and if you would like to see some of our adventures of our road trip through Spain, you can follow me on Instagram. I won’t be bringing a computer , only my phone so I can do Instagram, and my camera. I’m not bringing an e reader ,either. I’m going old school because somehow reading a novel on an e reader on a beach  doesn’t have the same feeling as reading a book.

Don’t forget to enter the Ojai Wrap giveaway!
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  1. says

    you are welcome to head to new hampshire anytime justine! you so fun to chat will. thanks again for including me in your blog tour. i wish you much success!

  2. Judy Roberson says

    Justine, I love this version..
    Have a great trip.. Look forward to hearing all about it, when You get home..

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