Ojai Wrap By Adirondack Inspired and Stone Cottage Adventures

ojaiWelcome to day 3 of my pattern tour week ! I am loving seeing all the versions of my Ojai Wrap. Can I just mention what and EXCITING feeling it is seeing what people create with my pattern? It has definitely given me the inspiration to create more patterns. What a blast!

Monica from Adirondack Inspired made an Ojai wrap in some pretty tissue knit. She added her own touch and made the sleeves a bit longer. Stop by her blog and see more of her beautiful sewing projects set against the wonder of the Adirondack mountains. It’s so pretty!

Ojai Warp by Marci Stone Cottage Adventures Marci from Stone Cottage Adventures blogs from the lovely Ozarks about crafts, cooking, and her newfound love for sewing. Marci describes herself as a sewing newbie. Of course, I’m pretty sure she is just being humble, because¬† the stuff I’ve seen her make looks pretty great to me! Her Ojai looks really perfect for summer. She said it was a very simple pattern to sew and recommends it for beginners.

Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway for a free copy . And iff you would rather just buy one, here is a link to my Etsy shop.
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