New Look 6774 : A red embroidered maxi dress for me

New Look 6774 came together very easily and was a relief after my last fiasco with
I am actually shocked by how pretty it turned out and how quick it was to make.
The pattern is quite simple.

I added some crochet trim along the bodice and the ties to go with the crocheted hemline of this cotton voile I found in downtown LA.

The fabric had this lovely border embroidery and I quickly bought just enough yardage for this dress, thankfully.
I wish I could have bought more to make a dress for one of my girls too. You have to buy fabric when you find something you like when down there because you never know if you will see it again.
This fabric was only three dollars a yard!

I love the latin feel of this dress!
I would definitely recommend sewing this pattern.
I did make the bodice a little longer since the pattern is designed for a B cup which I’m not, but besides that, the pattern fit very well.
I cut it in a size 12.
I still need to do a little hand embroidery to match up the embroidery going up on center back seam.
New Look 6774

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  1. vintage grey says:

    So stunning!! Love the beautiful lace, and the colors looks so pretty on you! xo Heather

  2. beautiful dress, such beautiful fabric what a great find :)

  3. Stunning!!!

  4. Shirley Ann says:

    That is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Justine, you look amazing in this lovely red dress! :o )

  6. It’s so beautiful! That fabric is gorgeous – I love the color and the embroidery. You definitely inspire me to sew more for me!

  7. Breathtaking.

  8. Oh so wonderful! LOVE the details, and it looks gorgeous on you!

  9. it’s lovely, and I don’t think that first was fiasco, maybe just litle to short.

  10. Wow! So beautiful! The background of the photos is so charming!

  11. Oh my goodness, this is such a stunning dress on you! I love the crochet trim and the embroidery on the fabric is to die for! Gorgeous!!!

  12. The dress is gorgeous on you! Love the color, the trim, the embroidery…it’s all beautiful!!

  13. Gorgeous!

  14. The embroidery adds such a nice touch. The color is great on you!

  15. Wow, you got some skillz, Justine!!!

  16. Sew Blessed Maw says:

    Justine, the dress is beautiful and the fit is great. Looks great on you. Love the beautiful white on the red.. Such a beautiful contrast. Fabric was such a great find.. Happy sewing.

  17. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I adore the details (which elevate to looking like a maxi dress you’d pay an arm, leg and spleen for from a high end boutique!)

  18. Oh I love it! I love the colour, the embroidery, the fabric, everything. You look amazing in it! Bravo!

  19. I love it!!! One day I’d love to go shopping in the fabric district…sigh…

    -Ash P

  20. The crochet trim and red color is fantastic! You do look amazing in this dress!

  21. Justine of SewCountryChick says:

    Oh my goodness, thanks for all the nice compliments which have turned a blah day into a nice one!

  22. So pretty! I have so many projects just waiting to be worked on…fabric washed and cut out….I just can’t get myself motivated to get started. I wish I could sew them up as quickly as you:)

  23. Beautiful! I really like the way you added the trim on the shoulder ties and bodice, lovely!

  24. Vanessa@Designs By Sessa says:

    You look absolutely stunning in that red maxi!!! It’s just BEAUTIFUL! The ties on the straps are exquisite! LOVE!!!

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