New chickens & prepping for goats!


Spring has sprung around here.newchickens4

Actually, it’s 93 degrees outside today, so it feels more like summer.newchickens

We’ve been fixing up the place, making the chicken area bigger to welcome our new chickens as well as…..GOATS!goatfence

Yes, we’ll be getting some goats next week!

So my husband put in a new fence to contain them and we remodeled the kids old play structure to be a shelter and climbing structure for the goats to play on. There will be four.goathouseWe’re just about ready to bring them over.lilychicken

Our new hens came from the same ranch nearby, were we are buying the goats from. We’ve been getting lots of eggs so far .

The family is moving out of state, so we’ll be taking over some of their goats and several of their chickens. This couple has a lot to teach about raising goats! I’ll be posting some of their wise advice soon.

I’m planning on breeding the two girl goats, and then keeping them as dairy milk goats. Can you picture me milking my goats?

Me neither, but I’ll try!goatheaven

garagegirls    goathouse2   newchickens2

the new chickens are so pretty and healthy. I hope they are happy here. So far, they are getting along with the old gals that were here already. The rooster is pretty thrilled…..newchickens3

Richard'sbootsHappy spring!

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  1. says

    Oh fun! We’ve been helping a friend by raising her baby chicks. And then we are getting chickens of our very own next week and cannot wait!

  2. says

    I just have to ask! Do you ever get use to the rooster crowing at the crack of dawn? We stayed at a place in Italy last summer and they had all kinds of farm animals on the property and a bunch of chickens and roosters. It woke us up so early hearing the rooster crow! ha ha

  3. judy says

    Such pretty chickens…
    Goats to come.. I want to see a post of you milking the
    Have fun and enjoy the spring. I am too.

  4. says

    I am so excited that you’re getting goats! I’m getting some next year, tentatively; and I’ll need your advice! i can’t wait. Keep us posted!