My Padded Dress Form

mypaddedformThat’s my padded dress form. I sew and design in my dining room so she has to be presentable.

Her measurements are pretty close to mine but I had to do a little padding. I made some pads by creating pads from batting .

Then I tucked them under this lace shapewear camisole.

I think it looks quite pretty now!

Padded Dress Form Here we are side by side. I’d love to pretend my tummy is as flat as my dress form’s but it’s not. So I added a little padding there as well as in the bust.

Twenty years and four kids have changed my figure a little. I work out and eat right, but I don’t think I’ll ever be the size I was back then. So it’s best to stop pretending, be happy with what I have, and adjust my dress form to reality.

Do you read Sew News magazine? I’ll have an article out about padding your dress form in the next issue.

And if you should be at the bookstore pick up this month’s issue to see my first article. How to create the Sailor Skirt pattern.

Here it is!

But first, do you have a dress form and does it reflect the truth of your figure? How about one of those adjustable kinds from the fabric stores? I’ve never had one and have often wondered how accurate they are.


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  1. says

    First up! Congrats on your magazine feature!! Whoop! I love your pro dress form. So functional, but they look like art and totally suitable for the dining room.

    I DO have dress form, and her name is Madeleine. She is a uniquely you form, and I bought her off craig’s list. Just my size, which was kind of crazy good luck. Thing is, I’ve lost a little weight since then…enough that I now have to remove her skin tight sheath and shave off some of the foam. I’ve been resisting doing it because I don’t want to mess up, but anything I sew that is super fitted, is just not working on her anymore!

  2. Tina says

    I need to add a “tummy” to my form as well…could you share how you keep it from shifting around? Love your blog and am always inspired! Thanks!

  3. Sandy says

    I have a Dritz twin fit dress form and it was absolutely not worth the money they charge. Very hard to adjust, Just doesn’t do the term dressform justice. Lucky for me, I lost a lot of weight and am now the proud owner of a professional dressform and I love it. I need to keep loosing weight, and if I do, then it will be to big. I wish there were trade in options!!!

  4. Joen says

    I do have an adjustable dress form, but sadly it doesn’t adjust to my pre-menopausal shape which I am not either!LOL But your idea of padding using shapewear looks like just the thing to add a little extra padding here and there just like mother-natures has. Can’t wait to read your article!

  5. says

    Congratulations on the magazine articles! The skirt looks great!
    I do not own a dress form since I mainly sew for my daughter, but if I do, I will have to shave off the bust and add those to the tummy area! ;D

  6. Judy says

    Cant wait to see your next Sew News article.. I was so excited to see you in it last month..
    I love that magazine, have subscribed to it for a long time..
    I have a fabric store dress form.. Doesn’t work [mainly
    it sits in my sewing room taking up space,ha]
    It is not really adjustable.. Disappointed in it.