My grey dolman sleeved sweatshirt Simplicity 4020

Simplicity 4020 from 2007, View A

 I made a grey sweatshirt!
Adding to my repertoire of basics I could probably just buy at any inexpensive shop.
Sewing basics that look store bought is actually quite a challenge.
It really makes me look at my store bought basics to figure out how clothing is mass produced.
I followed the directions on the pattern and doubled the fabric for the waistband and wrist cuffs which probably wasn’t the best idea, considering how bulky the sweatsuit fabric feels at the waist because it’s doubled.
If this top was mass produced it would have had matching grey ribbing at the cuffs and waist, making it less bulky.
Knit ribbed fabric is a great fabric to have in your stash if you sew with knits. You can use it for waistbands, neck bindings, and cuffs.
If I had used on the neck on my sweatshirt, it wouldn’t look a little stretched out. I didn’t have any rib knit in grey.
Knit ribbing is sometimes hard to find in fabric stores. I buy in the garment district where it’s sold by fabric wholesalers.
An example of rib knit
The good news is you can always buy a ribbed knit top at the thrift shop, and use that for ribbing.

See how thick my sweater is? It’s very warm!

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  1. House of Pinheiro says:

    thats lovely !

  2. Mie Brindle says:

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  3. Mie Brindle says:

    Now that you mention it yourself I feel okay saying this….. give the ‘waist’ seam a good iron so it is straight and not ‘bubbly’ – that is going to do wonders for the ‘store bought’ look ;-)

  4. I just made a dolman sleeve knit top myself a couple of weeks ago! It must be in the air. I love yours. They are so comfy.

  5. I think this is really cute actually- props to you for giving it a go… i’m still a little hesitant to sew with knits. Did you use a zig zag stitch, or any special foot?

  6. I really like it! It looks so wearable!

  7. Very pretty , I would like one like that.

  8. Shirley Ann says:

    That looks so much nicer than a regular sweatshirt! That is definitely a staple to the wardrobe!

  9. You did a great job. Buy some white ribbing to keep on hand and dye to mnatch or coordinate as needed.

  10. Love the tip on upcycling rib knit from the thrift shop!!! :)

  11. I love the simplicity of this. Thanks for sharing the pattern as well. See my Little Black Dress on the Make It, Wear It.

  12. I’m featuring this for Make It Wear It tomorrow! Love it!

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