My favorite week.

One of my favorite weeks of the year is the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. And this year was no exception.abbittgirlsAfter all the running around between Thanksgiving and Christmas I was soooo tired. It was so nice to just chill. For me the busy-ness starts on Thanksgiving. Every year I have the whole family over. Although we don’t have a very large one, about twelve of us, usually the kids invite a friend or two. Then we have Lily’s birthday, Oliver’s birthday, and my dad’s birthday over the next two weeks, and sometimes I throw another party or two like we did for Lily this year. This year my mom also had surgery in those weeks and I was driving her back and forth a lot between here and Los Angeles for it. She’s fine now, thank goodness

Throw in the holiday parties and school events, house guests the kids brought home from college, and trying to sew handmade gifts. And then having everyone over again for Christmas dinner. I made prime rib this year. It’s no wonder I can barely move after Christmas! It’s a lot of fun though, and I’m so grateful for my family. Watching the kids grow up is amazing. With the ages of our kids, 6 to 28, the gifts go from sweet handmade cards and ornaments, to more fancy and handmade ones. My son made me this cutting board below for Christmas . I really needed one since I just threw my old one out recently. I love his cutting board.cuttingboardoliver

And then he made even more for his sister and grandparents. He was busy on Christmas!gardenIt’s been sunny here, but so cold for southern California. Trust me, an old farmhouse without heating sounds charming, but when it’s in the twenties outside at night, it feels maybe a bit too old fashioned. How I wish for undrafty double paned windows sometimes. But our army issued wool blankets really keep us warm at night. It’s just the getting up in the morning part that’s hard. So I’ve been basically in my jammies all week long. And enjoying reading all the year end posts from my favorite sewing blogs.

Then the power went out, so we were forced to spend an evening by candlelight snuggled up by the fire. I loved it. No blog reading that night. I read stories to Gigi aloud by candlelight. Everyone should do that, once.fireousidegoatsMy husband had to nail tarps up to the goat’s windows in their little barn. The poor things were so cold at night. Our avocado trees won’t be producing fruit again this year, since they frosted over. And the oranges might freeze, too.

I’ve been sewing a bit this week,  and am excited to share what I’ve made after the New Year when I will have more energy for editing photos and what not.

I’d like to thank you longtime readers who have stuck around, you readers who pop in every once in awhile, and those of you who might even land here on accident! The handmade community is a nice one, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

Happy 2016!

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