Moving Out: My Son The Maker

The van is all packed up and he’s ready to go.
My son has gotten an apartment at college.
Somehow this seems a lot more serious than his living in the dorm last semester. This is the real thing.
He’s moving out.
The day has come.
He’s been busy this summer. He started a t- shirt company with his best bud, pictured above bottom left. It’s called Enabl Apparel and they are donating some of their profits to charity. You can check out their website here.
Modeling also are his sister and our exchange student we had this summer. Having a beautiful French student visiting with all of my son’s friends coming and going was interesting. We suddenly we had lots of his friends stopping by!
 It hasn’t been a summer without it’s frustrations, having so many teens in and out of the house plus other houseguests.
But I miss everyone already.
Today feels like the last day of summer.
 That’s one of his drawings he made for his t- shirts. I think it’s pretty incredible.

 Another of his drawings. Of my hands.

 A beach cruiser with an attached motor he built with his dad and friends over the weekend. Now he can navigate up the hills around his college quickly! And not be late for class.
Paris Amusement Park 1997
Off to new adventures!

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  1. Mie Brindle says

    WOW, he is amazingly talented. I am blown away.
    Good luck to him…and you 😉

  2. says

    Your son is very talented! I love the drawing of your hands on the piano. Is he an art major at school?

  3. Olga Becker says

    Wow! Your son is incredibly talented! Good luck to him in his bussiness ventures!

  4. says

    Wow. What is he studying at school? He is so talented. I love tha he paired that with a business idea. You must be proud.

  5. Sew Blessed Maw says

    Justine, What a happy/sad time in our lives, when our children leave off to college. I know you are so proud of him [he is super talented.. such beautiful t-shirts]. He will do well. Best wishes to Mama…Praying for you, as you adjust to this move..

    He is lucky to have 2 beautiful girls to model for him too.

  6. says

    Regardless of age they are so precious. I just said good-bye to my beautiful girl last week leaving her to an exciting life in New York City. Your post was a nice reminder that each new stage makes them into the person you hoped that they would one day become.