Morroccan Candle Holder


Boho Chic Candel Holder

Today I am geting back from my trip to Spain! I wrote this post last month for Mod Podge Rocks and it reminded me of Southern Spain and Morocco. I was doing a lot of research on my trip, and it filtered through to my crafty projects, obviously!

These Boho Chic candle holders are easy to make and perfect for a summer evening party! I could see making several and filling them with candles, giving a romantic and exotic look to the table.

Here is how I made them:


To make them I used:

Mod Podge  Sheer Color

Mod Podge Stencil

Glass Paint

An old jarMoroccanmaterials

 Pour a few tablespoons of Mod Podge sheer color into an old jar. Swirl it around and put it upside down . The stuff will eventually drip all the way down and cover the jar evenly.moroccan1 morroccan2

I put the jar in a little cup to catch the paint. Then I put the excess paint back in the bottle so I wouldn’t waste it. It takes several hours for the Sheer Color to dry . I let mine sit overnight.moroccan

Then I used a Mod Podge Stencil on the outside and painted it with gold paint. When that was dry I used some puffy glass paint to make little blue dots.jarsquareReady for the party!

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  1. says

    This is beautiful ..Looks so fun to make. I think it would be a great project to do with my granddaughters.. thanks for sharing..
    Hope you enjoyed your Spain trip… But, know your proud to be back home.