More Japanese Pattern Shorts

Another venture into Japanese Sewing Books.
Heart warming series kids books

 This one wasn’t quite so easy as the last. It seems I cut out the wrong top pattern because there were 3 sheets of patterns that came with the book. The top and shorts were labelled D but there were three different  patterns labelled D on the various sheets and I cut out the wrong one. After sewing the top together I could tell it was the wrong shape so I did a bit of creative doctoring! Because it was so boxy, I decided to make it a high/low top. After she wore these shorts all day I realized they look much cuter worn higher on her legs to look more like bloomers.

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  1. Sew Blessed Maw says

    Love this cute. The check fabric with the other print is
    just cute as it can be..
    ps…this kind of set is JUST as cute as a
    I think I need to find a Japanese kids sewing book..Love these patterns..

  2. vintage grey says

    These are so sweet!! Love the fabric, and shirt!! So perfect for the summer!! xo Heather

  3. Jessiegirl says

    where do you get your japanese sewing books? I don’t have a local source where i can browse through foreign craft books, so online only it is.

    • Justine of SewCountryChick says

      I bought these in Japan but Superbuzzy online and Etsy have a good selection.

  4. Kat @ says

    ARRGGHH!!! I’ve been drooling over that book for months! I just saw that you dabble in Japanese Pattern sewing; that’s soo cool! I’m starting to do some too! The patterns are tons better than western ones!

  5. Steff says

    I found a large selection of Japanese pattern books @ my local Japanese grocery store – some are actually affordable. Some of the adult pattern books are interesting too.

  6. Christy Dean Photography says

    I am hoping that someone can pdf these patterns. I am so smitten with Japanese patterns for kids. There is such a softness and comfort in the design. They always look organic to me. Wonderful job deciphering!