Mod Podged Patchwork Medicine Cabinet! Fix Ups For OLD Bathrooms

Hi readers! This week I’m sharing easy ideas for how to bring some color and general cheeriness to your old bathroom!
I have a very old bathroom upstairs. It has lots of character because I’m quite sure the floor, bathtub, medicine cabinet, and wooden wall panels are original to the 1920’s or installed somewhere around those days. When we moved here, the only change we made was to replace an 80’s  sink and toilet with some new but vintage looking fixtures.
But our bathroom was getting so worn out. Of course, old houses like this that have never been gutted, never offer much in the way of bathrooms begin with. I have to share it with four kids when they are all home in the summer… and their friends. The horror…
Hubby gets the little dinky half bath off  kitchen with a teeny tiny shower. 
It felt very dreary every time I went in there.  The shower curtain was getting moldy, and there were always about 10 bathtub toys littered on the floor of the tub. Yuck. So I decided to add some cheer.
This week I’m sharing a few things I did to fix it up.
And do your kids ALWAYS leave EVERY cabinet open too?
Today is Fix Up #1
Mod Podged Patchwork Medicine Cabinet

My old bathroom has one stained glass window in it and doesn’t get much natural light so I have been trying to add some cheer with color. If you look at my kids clothes and other home desor projects you can tell I love mixing patterns! I love PATCHWORK, although I’ve yet to make a real quilt, and wanted to try a little paper patchwork look inside my dreary medicine chest.
Hello Morning!
I cut up pieces of vintage wallpaper and scrap book paper and glued them to the back wall of the cabinet with the Mod Podge basic formula.
Then I let it dry and covered it with two coats of Mod Podge to make the paper washable.
It was so easy, but I think it makes a big difference.

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  1. domestic deconstructor says

    I love this. confession: I’ve never used modge podge. of all the crap I just throw myself into without fear….modge podge scares me.

  2. Stone Cottage Adventures says

    I love the vibrant colors! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Sew Blessed Maw says

    What an excellent job.. I love it.. so pretty.
    love photos of your fixing up that gorgeous old house..

  4. says

    We have an old bathroom that needs a little love as well. We are renting so I think I am going to puzzle out how to do this on contact paper that can just be removed (and maybe reused!).
    Great idea!

  5. says

    Really nice touch. I love mixing old and new. This is a great treatment to not ony freshen the space, but it makes it feel even more at home.