McCalls 7547: Checkered twill overalls A UNIF knockoff

Checked overalls McCall's 7547Checked overalls McCall's 7547

Lily’s handmade overalls. McCall’s 7547 in Fabric from Total cost : around 27$

Pattern 2$ on sale at Joann Fabric

Checked fabric twill around 22$ , including shipping from

Overalls  buckles from Wawak approximately 3$

Lily wanted a pair of UNIF overalls for Christmas. A. UNIF is a clothing line heavily influenced by 90’s style and is quite popular in the surf /skate youth culture here in Southern California. Well, no way was I going to drop 160 bucks plus shipping, on a pair of simple cotton overalls that I already had a pattern for! I would sew them some myself, since I found almost the identical cotton twill on Fabric .com for 7.50$ a Yard!

Of course. Lily balked at this idea, as kids that age want the NAME brand, but she wore them to a NYE party and three other kids asked her if I would make them a pair, too, I was like, “I won!”

UNIF Apex overalls  158$Checked overalls McCall's 7547 Checked overalls McCall's 7547Checked overalls McCall's 7547

Since the McCall’s pattern was designed for stretch wovens, and was fitted, I sized up to a 12 for Lily’s pair, which she wanted looser and not so skinny. I had to make the legs a bit wider, too. The directions and pattern are good, except for there is some weird waistline ease added to the pants of the overalls. You are supposed to ease the excess fabric into the waistband, for what reason , I have no idea, since they could have easily just added a dart. It was impossible not to get some gathers at the waistline because of this extra few inches of ease. I did my best, though. The rest of the construction went easy enough. And yes, the pattern is very fitted. Lily has a 25 inch waist and the size 12 only just fits her. Keep in mind you won’t find the typical Big 4 excess ease on this one.
Checked overalls McCall's 7547
Checked overalls McCall's 7547Checked overalls McCall's 7547Checked overalls McCall's 7547

Before she went to the party I took her and her little sister out for burgers and we went and rode the Go Carts and played in the arcade. New Years’ Eve at In N Out and Gold N Stuff in Ventura. A nice ending to the year.

PS I’d like to thank those of you who lent your support over my dad’s passing in my last posts. It means a lot to me.

Happy sewing and happy new year!

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  1. Sandy Osborne says

    Nice overalls, Justine — and great matching on the pockets! Lily is lucky to have a talented mom or else she would have no overalls These overalls look identical to the UNIF. You’re correct: Mom for the win! Good start for the new year.

  2. says

    What a great knockoff! When I made my white knit Charlie Bomber, I looked online for designs that used white and black. I was shocked at the price. It’s incredibly rewarding to make the same thing at a fraction of the cost. One of my girls thought she didn’t want my custom clothing anymore until she realized how much more she could have at my cost vs the cost at the mall. LOL Now she looks at RTW wanting me to duplicate it instead of buy it. That’s crazy about the ease at the waist. Sometimes it’s a real headscratcher why they throw in something like that when it is unnecessary.